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Email Designer, Signatures, and Content Table Improvements

Since our last release, we’ve been busy refining the signature process, adding an email designer, and improving how content tables work.

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Our bi-weekly updates always focus on making it easier for you to create great looking proposals that more close deals. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to see starting this Sunday, November 22nd. And remember, if you have any questions, shoot an email to - we’re always happy to help.

Email Designer

Over the last few months we’ve been improving how people send and receive emails through Proposify. We felt it was time to add the ability for you to take control and style your own email templates.

Where to find it

Under Settings, you’ll find Email Templates. You can edit your template here, or when you’re about to send a proposal you’ll see this snazzy new button:

Clicking it wields great power!

Behold, the Email Designer! Here you can edit the following features to match your brand:

  • Background colour
  • Foreground colour
  • Upload logo
  • Text font
  • Text size
  • Text line height
  • Text alignment
  • Link colour
  • Button text colour
  • Button background colour

Once you’ve created a new branded email template, don't forget to save your work!

Now when you send proposals using Proposify, all emails will use this design. Or you can still send using the plain design. Options are good. :)

Signature Improvements

We made a couple of refinements to signatures since our last update. Now you can copy your client’s unique link right from the send screen:

Just click the link icon and... COPY. Now you can paste the link into your own email and send to your client. Wait, there’s more! Once you copy the link, you can mark the proposal as sent right away.

We’ve also added these links to the Snapshot page after a proposal has been marked as sent, so you can easily access the links for reminder emails.

We added one more item since our last release. If you’re sending a proposal that doesn’t have any signature lines added, a message will appear at the top of the Send options, giving you a head’s up that you may have missed adding them. If you did forget, just click the link and you can add a signature(s) without navigating back to the editor.

Content Table Improvements

Every update we include refinements to the Proposal Editor to make the experience a bit more flexible for you. We added a couple of new things we’re excited to tell you about:

You can now add/remove columns from content tables. When you have a table selected and hover over the rows, you will see these two new icons:

Clicking the plus icon will add a new column to the existing table. Clicking the trash icon will remove the row you’re hovering over.

This will allow you to edit the layout of a table as you work on it. We also refined the column resizing, so it now adjusts all the columns across all the pages the table is on, resulting in a consistent layout. We hope these improvements make working with tables even easier!

What's Next

We’re still working on designing and developing user roles and permissions, hoping to have it ready for the New Year. We’re also working on polishing up Proposify, knocking down the bugs and, above all, working with our customers to build the best proposal software out there. ;)

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