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How An Agency Grew Their Monthly Recurring Revenue By 1066% In One Year

Convincing clients to pay you for one project can be hard enough let alone convincing them to pay you a set monthly retainer for a minimum of 12 months. And yet that's exactly what Kula Partners was able to achieve once they focused their agency's core service offering.


This is the first in our series we're calling "Agencies In Offices Drinking Beer". It's where I sit down with an agency owner or manager and talk about how they run successful teams and businesses. I chatted with Jeff White on a sunny Friday evening in his downtown office over some fine Nova Scotian beer.

[A big thanks to our sponsor Spider Video who provided the video production and editing services.]

Jeff's company Kula Partners, which he runs with Carman Pirie, has shown significant growth in just a little over one year. 35% of their revenue is now recurring, an impressive feat considering most agencies of a similar size find it difficult to sell monthly retainers. In addition to that, they've seen improvements to their business in other ways. For example, now they work with clients from various cities all over Canada and the US, whereas before it was difficult to attract clients outside the region without a personal connection.

The success may have something to do with the fact that Kula Partners was the first full service agency in Atlantic Canada to become Hubspot certified. Jeff and Carman reinvented their agency from a general web design & online marketing agency to a specialized inbound marketing agency, using their partnership with Hubspot as the framework for the retainer they sell to clients.

They still make websites, but it's part of a bigger picture - and vastly more measurable one at that - which seems to be resonating with their growing client base.

After you watch the video I'd love to know what you think in the comments below. Is specialization the key to growing your web agency?

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