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Auto-Align and QuickBooks

Our latest update makes it much easier for you to lay out your proposals, plus we’ve integrated with the ultra popular accounting software, QuickBooks!

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Automatically align elements

I’m really excited about this one, and I bet most of our customers will be too. Advanced, custom layout could sometimes be a bit of a chore in Proposify. You had to eyeball things like text boxes and images and use the arrow key to nudge things or rely on the grid.

No more!

Now when you you click on a shape, image or text box, you’ll see that guides magically appear to help you align them vertically or horizontally to other elements. It also lets you centre, left or right align them. Bam!

And if you ever face a situation where auto-align is making things more difficult, you can simply toggle it off by clicking the align button in the formatting bar.

We hope auto-align makes layout that much easier and lets you create beautifully designed proposals faster.

Quickbooks Integration

As of May 2014, QuickBooks Online had the most subscribers for an online accounting platform, with 624,000 subscribers. It’s also been our #1 requested accounting integration according to our integration survey, which you can take here if you haven’t already.

We now integrate with Quickbooks so you can generate full or partial invoices in Proposify after your client signs off, and get paid faster.

Here’s how it works:

Visit your account settings and click on the Quickbooks logo

Next click the login button and give Proposify permission to connect to your Quickbooks account:

Once your account is connected, you can import contacts from this screen.

When you visit a won proposal and click the Quickbooks button, you’ll now be able to generate an invoice. Enter a percentage if you want to generate a deposit.

Once your invoice is generated you can view a PDF or edit and send it directly within Quickbooks.

Salesforce Improvements

I have to admit, to-date, our Salesforce integration has been one of our weakest, only allowing you to import contacts.

We made some improvements in this latest release to get it up-to-speed with our other CRM integrations.

If you already connected your Salesforce account you’ll need to disconnect and reconnect. Once you do, you’ll now see how you can automatically assign different stages of opportunities to place new, sent, won, and lost proposals.

When you create a new proposal and visit the settings screen, you’ll see a Salesforce tab that lets you create a new opportunity or assign the new proposal to an existing opportunity in your Salesforce account.

What’s next

We’ve been collecting your feedback (thanks to everyone who has participated so far!) and have some highly requested features and improvements coming out. Here’s what’s coming:

  • Improved editing tools - rotate objects, crop images, improved interface.
  • Paypal Integration - let your clients pay online after accepting your proposal.
  • Better signatures - allow multiple signers, sign after your client, and allow typing signatures.
  • Team collaboration - Create teams and permissions, and see when someone else is editing a section.

We have even more exciting features planned but these will be our priority for the rest of 2015, along with more upcoming integrations. If you haven’t already, take the features survey and tell us what you want to see.

We’re super excited about where Proposify is headed over the next few months and on into 2016. We wouldn't be here without you, our dear customers. Thank you! :)

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