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Growing A Freelance Practice Into A Full-Service Video Company

Growing A Freelance Practice Into A Full-Service Video Company
​I interviewed our friendly neighborhood Spider Video man, Craig Moore about growing his freelance practice into an "All-In-One-Stop-Shop", using drones, how he makes his clients so happy, and easter eggs.

This is the third episode of "Agencies In Offices Drinking Beer". I'd like to thank our sponsor, Spider Video (wow, that's meta) who handles the video production and editing services.

Do you own or manage a design, video or marketing agency? I'm looking for people like you who have stories to share that we can all learn from to improve our businesses. I'd like to know what you all think, so please get in touch with me on Twitter.

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CEO of @proposify. Product designer and podcaster. Dad to two beautiful boys. Karaoke superstar. Freed cultist. Batman enthusiast. Follow me on Twitter

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