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InfusionSoft, Better Search & An Improved Referral Program

We’ve been hard at work improving Proposify so I wanted to share some of the new features and functionality that should make your life easier. Plus you'll get a sneak peak at our upcoming roadmap with a survey to give your input on what happens next.

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Many of our customers have been waiting a long time for InfusionSoft integration. InfusionSoft automates your sales and marketing workflow, allowing you to keep notes on contacts and opportunities, email offers, send invoices, and collect payments.

Now when you visit the integration section of your account settings, you’ll notice the InfusionSoft logo.

Click it, authorize Proposify to access your InfusionSoft account, and once connected you’ll see some options:

You can import your contacts from InfusionSoft, and add proposals in Proposify as opportunities in InfusionSoft.

This way when you create a proposal you can either automatically generate a new opportunity and assign it to the appropriate category, or you can choose an existing opportunity to link your proposal with.

When a proposal is accepted or declined, we’ll automatically update your opportunity to match.

Referral Program

We launched a referral program earlier this year that allowed you to get 20% off your monthly bill when you refer a customer. While people shared the link, we rarely got people to sign up through it to paid accounts.

Our referral program has now been improved and simplified in a few big ways:

  1. Now when you share your custom link with people, they’ll see a custom landing page that offers two free months for signing up through the link.
  2. When someone signs up to a premium trial via your link, we’ll automatically give you a month free of Proposify.
  3. You can share Proposify and get a free month of premium even if you’re on a free plan or a trial.

We hope this referral program offers an even bigger incentive for you to share the love and for your followers and colleagues to sign up.

Find proposals in your pipeline easier

Many of our customers have large sales pipelines with lots of proposals and multiple people assigned to different proposals. It used to be a chore to have to visually scan your proposal list to find the proposal you want, and even more of a headache to archive and delete proposals.

Now we have a search field that stays fixed to the top of the screen as you scroll. The search field will let you search by proposal name, client, and tag.

We added a drop down menu that lets you filter by user assigned.

Now a check box appears next to each proposal so as soon as you select one or more proposal, you’ll immediately see the archive and delete buttons.

We’ve also added totals under each stage of your sales pipeline so you can see how much as accumulated at each stage and better understand your sales priorities.

Easier to add and find images in your library

We now let you tag images, and we’ve added a search field in the image library so you can search by tag or file name.

You can drag an image from your desktop into a larger hit area in your image library to make adding images faster and it requires less precision.

What’s next: Your input

Our vision is to make Proposify the best software for creating, presenting, and closing business deals. To that end we have an ambitious product roadmap we plan to execute over the next 12 months.

I need your help: to prioritize which features we create next, I’m asking you to take a quick survey. I’ll outline the big things we plan to work on, and ask you to decide which we develop first.

Click here to take the survey

As always, thank you for your support and for being a customer!

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