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How Jason Grew His 100 Person Digital Agency And Sold It For Profit

How Jason Grew His 100 Person Digital Agency And Sold It For Profit
Jason Swenk is an entrepreneur from Atlanta Georgia. He ran a digital agency for over 12 years and grew it to over 100 people, working with clients like Hitachi, AT&T, Coke and Legal Zoom.

In 2011 he sold his agency for a profit and now works with digital agencies all over the world, teaching them his secrets to success.

I saw down with Jason to over Google Hangout to talk about how he was able to build his agency, what the process of selling it was like, and what advice he would offer to agency owners now.

Jason is now in the business of helping other agency owners. He offers online training and resources to help agencies struggling to get to that next level. Watch near the end of the video, Jason offers an exclusive deal to followers of the Proposify blog!

This is the fifth episode of "Agencies In Offices Drinking Beer". I'd like to thank our sponsor, Spider Video who handles the video production and editing services.

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