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Language Support and Pricing Table Updates

Our latest update lets you select from up to 13 languages for your client previews, and we also added multiple taxes and discounts along with mixed fee tables.

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We just pushed a release of Proposify that has a lot of long-awaited features. Let's get to it!

Multi-language support

We have a number of customers who speak more than one language. For those of you who have clients who don't speak English, you can select a language in the preview settings and it will translate the interface to that language.

All the buttons, labels and error messages will then come out in that language. You'll still need to translate your own proposals and email notifications. We also plan to add more languages down the road.

See the knowledge base article for more info

Mixed fee tables

Before if you wanted a monthly fee, an hourly fee, a fixed fee and a unit/qty fee you had to create four separate tables. We've improved that now so you can create a "mixed" table and then add fees of all types to it.

You can also make the quantity adjustable so your client can select how much of a given product they want to purchase!

See the knowledge base article for more info

Multiple taxes and discounts

It used to be limited so that you could only have one tax amount and the only way to add a discount was to create a row in your table and use a negative value.

Now when you hover over the footer you'll see you can add more than one tax and/or discount, and choose a percentage for your discount.

See the knowledge base article for more info

Upgrades to integrations

We also updated our Freshbooks, Highrise and Basecamp integrations to be closer in line with our most recent Xero and Pipedrive integrations, which are more robust.

You can now select a Basecamp project template to generate from within Proposify after a proposal is accepted.

Our Highrise integration will now update your deal notes when clients view and comment on the proposal, and you can choose whether to create a new deal or link to an existing one when creating a proposal (we've also added this to Pipedrive).

Finally, our Freshbooks update will now let you choose a percentage to invoice after a proposal has been accepted.

What's next

We've got an ambitious month ahead of us as we plan to slam out more features before taking a break to smooth out and refine what's there.

Here's what we have planned for May:

  • Zapier integration
  • Improvements to managing drafts
  • Section groups
  • Table flow from page-to-page
  • InfusionSoft integration
  • ...and more

As always, I appreciate you being a customer and look forward to your feedback.

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