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Introducing the Proposify Certified Partner Program!

Team up with us and earn commission for every customer you bring in.

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Try and dream up better partners than Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

An aloof detective and a sensible doctor. Both great at what they do; both able to jump in when the other is out of his depth.

Holmes and Watson enriched each other. And they got things done together they never could have on their own.

At Proposify, we’re a little bit like Sherlock. We do one thing really well: streamline the proposal process. And we need a Watson to help round us out.

Actually, we need a lot of Watsons.

That’s why we’re thrilled to officially launch our new Proposify Certified Partner Program!

This is a golden opportunity to pair your expertise (and sales savvy) with our great software.

As a Certified Partner, you can offer Proposify-specific services to your clients, we’ll send you high-quality leads of businesses looking for your help, and we'll give you exclusive training on how to make it all come together.

Plus, we’ll give you something the cash-starved Sherlock could never give Watson—a 20% commission on all new customers you sign up to Proposify.

Earn 20% Commission on Every Account

This is an exciting opportunity, but we don’t expect you to go full Sherlock and do it just for the thrill of the chase. Especially when the money’s this good.

Every time you sign up a customer, you’ll earn 20% of the cost of their account. And you keep getting your cut as long as they stay a customer.

Better yet. As they upgrade to larger accounts, your commission goes up with them.

It doesn’t take an expert sleuth to see how quickly these commissions can add up to thousands of dollars in passive income.

A Study in Great Perks

By teaming up with us as a Certified Partner, you’re not just getting a chance to hunt down new sources of passive revenue.

You’re stepping into an elite club. A global network of sales pros, hero closers, and proposal experts pushing the boundaries of their craft and dreaming up new strategies

We’ll list you as a Proposify expert in our partner directory, letting potential customers who are eager for your services search you out by expertise, industry, and location.

Once you’ve set yourself up as a leader in the field, you can start solving all your clients’ proposal problems with extra services like custom proposal design, proposal writing, API development, sales and marketing consulting, and more.

Join our Affiliate Program

If you’re looking for a lower-impact way to get in on the action, we also have an affiliate program, which you can sign up for here.

Promote us with an affiliate link in your blog, video, marketing material, or wherever you speak your truth and earn a tidy 10% commission for every client that converts.

Let’s get started!

Ready to join the best in the business and start as a Certified Partner?

Our partners are all leaders in their fields, and know Proposify like a good detective knows the streets of London. Not everyone is the right fit, so we won’t accept every application.

We know you respect that.

But we’re lucky to have some of the most talented customers out there. So you’ve probably got what it takes.

Ready to get started? Head to our partner program page now to learn all about the Certified Partner Program. Once you’re up to speed, dazzle us with your application.

If you’re partner material, we’ll get in touch, and together we can start freeing the world from drab proposals, inefficient sales processes, and lost deals.

Hope to do business with you soon, Watson :)

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