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How To Generate and Convert More Leads With Prospecting [Infographic]

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For many who run their own design or marketing agencies, "sales" can be an ugly word. We don't like to think of ourselves as a traditional salesperson, instead we are in "business development". But for the most part, a BD guy or gals' mission is to find new leads and convince them to become paying clients.

Sadly, too many owners wait for the phone to ring before actually chasing down new leads to add to their sales pipeline. While marketing your agency through blogging and social media is probably more effective in the long run, sometimes you just need to pick up the phone or send an email to a prospective client in order to get sales through the door.

That's why I've prepared an infographic that outlines research from across the web related to prospecting. What you may find surprising is just how a little extra effort is proven to boost your close-rate and achieve return on investment.

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Remember, prospecting is simply a matter of researching companies who would make your ideal client, reaching out to them through LinkedIn, email or over the phone and offering them a compelling reason to get back to you. Do this with enough prospects, at the right time and follow up as many times as it takes, and you'll find a boost in the amount of new leads and an increase in conversion.

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