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We Are On The Zapier Marketplace!

We've been busy over the last month and a half working on integrating with Zapier, and we're happy to report we're now live on the marketplace!

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Zapier lets you connect the apps you use every day so you can automate workflows and save time. Proposify is now available on the Zapier marketplace so you can integrate us with other third party software.

View us on the Zapier marketplace

For instructions on setting up your first zap with Proposify, see our knowledge base article.

Here is a list of the triggers and actions we support:


Proposal Won
Triggers when a proposal is accepted by a client.

Client Commented on a Proposal
Triggers when a client has left a comment on the client view.

Proposal Viewed
Triggers when a proposal is viewed by a client.

Client Created
Triggers when a user creates a new client.

Proposal Sent
Triggers when a proposal is sent or marked as sent by a user.

Proposal Lost
Triggers when a Proposal is declined by a client.

Proposal Created
Triggers when a proposal is created.


Create Client
Creates a new client

Create Proposal
Creates a new proposal

Ideas for zaps

The best use-cases for Proposify tend to be CRM, invoicing and project management. For example:

  • When a deal is created in your CRM, generate a proposal in Proposify
  • When a proposal is accepted in Proposify, generate an invoice in your accounting software
  • When a proposal is accepted in Proposify, generate a project in your PM software

That said, there are many other use-cases for streamlining your sales with Proposify. For example:

  • When a form is filled out in Wufoo, generate a proposal or add a contact in Proposify
  • When a contact is added to Proposify, add the contact to your Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor subscriber list
  • When a client leaves a comment on a proposal, add the comment to Slack
  • When a new opportunity is added to InfusionSoft, create a proposal in Proposify

Pre-made zaps

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. What ways do you plan on using Zapier? I want to know in the comments below!

Here's what else we're working on

The last release saw a lot of bug fixes and general improvements. Right now we're working hard to tighten up our editor and make it more seamless, so we're putting a bit of a hold on new features. Here are the big priorities we plan on tackling in the coming month:

  • More reliability when sending emails to clients, and better customization options for system emails
  • Improved usability around versioning and creating standalone sections and themes
  • Fixing pasting/page flow and general editor bugs

After we get through these issues, we want to start building out features again. This is what the list is looking like:

  • Direct integration with InfusionSoft
  • Custom variables
  • Image cropping
  • Auto-align/snap-to-grid
  • User-roles and permissions
  • Signature improvements (allow multiple signatures, generate certificates, allow typing)

And this is only a partial list! As you can imagine we're managing a lot of feedback from customers, so it can be hard to prioritize what gets built first, but we're doing our best to make Proposify the best proposal software available. And we wouldn't be here without you, our customers.

Thank you for making it possible.

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