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Carly Connor
Campaign Manager of Bang Digital

For Carly Connor, Campaign Manager at Bang Digital, having a set proposal process became a necessity to stay ahead of the game in the increasingly competitive industry of digital marketing.

Their decade-long experience in the agency space and dedication to personal client relationships sets them apart from many of their younger, more inexpensive competitors.

But a streamlined proposal process was still missing; compiling Word documents and PDFs from different locations without a specific system in place was time-consuming, inconsistent, and inefficient. Enter Proposify.

“Previously, we would have had people putting proposal documents together not using a particular program or any kind of template. With Proposify, now we’ve got a program in place that allows us to pull templates and put together proposals much more quickly than before.”

With all that saved time, Carly says that Bang Digital is now able to reach out and pitch to a larger variety of clients and opportunities, expanding their potential client base.

“Because we can put proposals together quickly with minimum time and effort, it means that we can put ourselves forward for a lot more work - we’re able to go after more opportunities.”

With Bang Digital putting proposals together in a snap, they’re able to get in front of leads faster than other agencies, giving them a leg up over the competition and the opportunity to close more deals.

“I think the change in our close rate is mostly affected by us being able to get proposals out faster. That makes a huge difference. The templates mean we can jump in and have a proposal to them within a day or two. The timeliness, more than anything else, has been the thing we've seen make the biggest difference because it just lets us get in there before other people - we’re front and centre.”
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When their clients are ready to sign on the dotted line, Proposify makes it quick and easy with the digital signature tool.

“The fact that clients can digitally sign the proposals and there are no restrictions in terms of what email client or web browser they're using is huge. It's the first time I've done digital proposals where someone can just sign directly in the contract with no limitations, which makes it super easy.”

The ease of Proposify’s interface and intuitive editor, Carly says, has been incredibly helpful for empowering the team. Everyone is on the same page, and everyone can step up and pitch to a client.

“The team finds Proposify super easy and straightforward. Everyone has their own account that they log into and use, so there's never any confusion, and because we’ve developed a handful of templates in our content library, everyone's very clear on what to use for what service we're pitching for. The editor is also pretty intuitive, and if you're not sure about something or there's a new feature, you can usually find the answer for yourself very quickly in the Knowledge Base.”

With Proposify powering Bang Digital’s proposals, Carly knows they have exactly what they need to sign more deals and continue growing their established partnerships.

“Before, writing proposals was more time consuming because we were starting from scratch each time. It was an opportunity to automate, and we were looking for ways to ‘Work smarter, not harder’. With Proposify, we have clients that we’ve retained over many years and we’re able to focus on keeping them happy and growing them.”
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