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Trygve Olsen
Director of Buzz Development at BizzyWeb

BizzyWeb has been dominating the digital marketing and web design game in Minneapolis since 1999. At the heart of their business is a dedication to beautiful and consistent WordPress web design. As their service offering grew, BizzyWeb knew that they needed a way to streamline their proposal process and offer that same level of consistency throughout the clients' journey. While looking for the dream marriage of flexibility and beautiful design, Trygve Olsen, BizzyWeb’s director of Buzz Development, found Proposify.

“It got more and more difficult to try and create something from scratch. It was just taking a ridiculous amount of time. The massive time crunch of putting a proposal together and trying to maintain consistency and version control while sharing it with multiple departments was challenging. I just said, ‘Well geez, there’s gotta be a better way.”

Before Proposify, BizzyWeb’s proposals were created in Word and subject to time-consuming edits and inconsistency. Proposify’s roles and responsibilities feature lets them lock down content, which closes the communication gap and leaves BizzyWeb feeling secure in their choice of proposal software.

The flow of information in an agency is crucial, so for all of our teams to have access to proposals while they’re being created and provide input through protected notes, that kind of collaboration is of tremendous value. I was the one who chose Proposify and that was the kicker for me.

It allows us to get proposals and contracts out much quicker, which is always helpful in a bidding situation.

However, it wasn’t just the accessibility to his team that sold it for Trygve. BizzyWeb says Proposify’s vast gallery of more than 50 beautifully designed and ready-to-go templates cinched the deal.

“I think the big thing for me immediately was, when I saw a good 30 different templates, all of which resonated with different parts of our business that we could edit and make our own. That was the lightbulb moment for me. Where I thought, “OK, these people are clearly speaking my language.”

BizzyWeb didn’t begin their proposal journey with Proposify, but they now say there’s nothing else on the market that offers the same level of flexibility and customization.

“We wanted to streamline our proposal process. During our first iteration, we spent two years with Pandadoc, which was all fine and good, but the challenge with Pandadoc is that it doesn’t have a great ability to showcase a brand. It's very much sort of plain and difficult to use. We have people who can do HTML and CSS, and they couldn’t figure out how to put together something simple like a cover page. So, we graduated to Proposify.”

That graduation helped BizzyWeb showcase themselves as significant players in an ever-expanding digital age. They know they create beautiful websites and compelling digital marketing campaigns and now from proposal to final delivery, their clients know it too.

“The flexibility to have design creation and control when you’re trying to demonstrate to potential customers that you’re a design firm, and you can design better than anyone else is crucial. To be able to showcase that on the front end adds tremendous value, so we’re very pleased that Proposify can add that to our business.”

Trygve says there’s no questioning the results of this dream team. Proposify has given BizzyWeb the ultimate design flexibility and consistency that they need, allowing them to save time and close deals 100% more efficiently than the year prior.

“On the whole, we’re doing things 100% better than we did a year ago, and 100% better than we did the year before that, and Proposify is certainly the best customer-facing reflection of that.”
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