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Buhv Designs increases close rate by 75% with Proposify

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Alex Hemker
Founder at Buhv Design Inc.

Buhv Designs is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado led by founders Alex Hemker, Marc Ring, and Robert Lane. After quickly growing over a three-year span, Buhv Designs started exploring cloud-based proposal solutions to streamline their proposal process. In their search, they came across Proposify.

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“Before Proposify, we created Word documents and our in-house designer would inject the information into Photoshop to make them look professional; it was also the only way we could tailor the proposal to each client. When we started to grow, we realized that punching out ten proposals a week would take up our designer’s entire work week."

At the time, it would take Buhv’s designer between four to six hours to format one 20-page proposal – and those hours don’t include the time it took the write each section. After trying Proposify, they realized there was nothing else on the market that saved them as much time."

The instantly streamlined process and, in turn, the increased revenue convinced them that Proposify was the solution for their growing business.

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“Once we started using Proposify, it made our workflows so much simpler. There was just nothing else out there like it that allowed us to build something Buhv branded that we could update in as few as 30 minutes to send to a client.”

Instead of being selective about who we would send proposals out to, we could now put many proposals out to people over the course of a week. If we take a look at the number of proposals that have gone out in the past two years using Proposify, it’s astronomical in terms of the dollar amounts and the number of clients we’ve been able to have touch points with. It’s been a huge catalyst for our business.”

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Not only has Buhv Designs seen an increase in revenue, but they’ve noticed their close rate increase as well; something they attribute to the ability to customize each template quickly.

“With Proposify, we’ve formatted our template to be Buhv branded. Having the customization within the application, and content stored in the content library that we can pull from quickly allows us to spend more time tailoring each proposal to the client. It’s really increased our chances of winning the proposal.”

It’s not just customization that has helped Buhv Designs close more proposals with ease; Alex, Robert, and Marc say that the addition of digital signatures has made things easier for both them and their clients.

“When we were able to add digital signatures to the proposal, that was huge for us. Anytime you have to get a client to print out a 20-30 page doc, sign the last page, send it back to us where we have to sign it, etc., etc., it just adds time and complications to the process. Having that digital signature line makes things a lot easier.”

Proposify has made it possible for Buhv Designs to scale their business by allowing their business development team to deliver more proposals to clients faster.

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“If we have a client ask us to get them a proposal by tomorrow, we’re able to get it to them by tomorrow, and it could be a huge project for us. We love the fact that we can have a high-level scope meeting with a prospect, understand what their needs are, then produce a robust proposal for all their requirements in two days or less. We heard a statistic that says businesses close 70-75% more deals if a proposal is sent to a client within 48 hours; Proposify has allowed us to get proposals out just that quickly.”

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