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For InBound Marketing Agents, time is money—Proposify saves both.

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Bill Faeth, Owner of Inbound Marketing Agents

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Bill Faeth of InBound Marketing Agents, a certified platinum Hubspot partner based in Nashville, Tennessee, is an entrepreneur on a mission. Having started more than 22 companies in his career, efficiency is high on his business wish list.

So after struggling with Word docs, PDFs, and Quote Roller to create proposals, Bill knew he needed something better. Something that helped him work smarter.

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“I send out a minimum of 30-40 proposals a month. I knew using Word docs and then converting them into PDFs was an antiquated, time-consuming approach, and Quote Roller wasn’t very user friendly. Then one day someone sent me a proposal created through Proposify and it was just beautiful. Once I found out about the pre-built templates and all the other features, I just had to sign-up for a trial.”

Efficiency was what Bill was looking for and with Proposify he found it.

“The first proposal I did through Proposify took 30-40 minutes to complete and closed two deals right off the bat. Our proposals are very customized so saving all that time was the tipping point to signing up for a paid account.”
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Bill gets great feedback about his proposals from his clients. They love how the proposals look and they really like the ability to sign off online so the deal closes faster and everyone can get down to the real work at hand.

For Bill, the content library and the ability to add video directly into the proposal are among his favourite features.

“90% of our clients aren’t in Nashville so I like to include a 2-3 minute video in a lot of my proposals. It’s a chance to introduce myself and my company, plus I can give an overview of the proposal. Adding video provides the opportunity to make a personal connection. I couldn’t do that with a PDF or email without building out a bunch of other components. And it’s an important factor in closing deals. ”
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