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Proposify cuts our proposal time in half

Mark Olsen Krumwiede

Mark Olsen
General Manager, Krumwiede Roofing

Krumwiede Roofing is an exterior modelling company based in Bensenville, Illinois that specializes in roof installations and exterior home improvement services. A successful family-owned business for over 65 years, brothers Greg and Mark Olsen took the helm in 2008. That’s when they realized they needed to improve their sales team’s efficiency when it came to the proposal process.

“We have very lengthy, thorough proposals. Before Proposify, we had been creating them in Word, and found that it was really time consuming for our sales reps. It took them forever. I had been searching for a company that could cut that time down, so once I found Proposify I was like, ‘Woah. This is going to cut our sales reps’ time in half’, which it has!”

Before Proposify, it would take Krumweide Roofing’s sales reps about 90 minutes to create and format one 30-page proposal in Word. Not only does it cut the proposal writing process in half and help the create clean, consistent proposals; Mark also says that Proposify removes all the fluff that comes with trying to edit in Word, which has allowed his sales reps to focus only on what they need.

“Templates that are already formatted are really important to us. I don’t want our sales reps to have to go back and adjust everything anytime something new is added to the proposal. Proposify gives us all of that, and allows us to create professional, clean proposals.”
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Since leaving Word in the dust, Mark has noticed that one of the added benefits of Proposify is the ability to monitor how each proposal looks, thanks to the Teams feature.

“I love having the ability to make changes to the templates our salespeople use, and having final say of how they look before they go out. When we were still using Word, I would give the sales team the proposal template, and by the end of the year it would look so different from what I had originally created. It would leave me thinking, ‘What is this?’. The Teams feature has helped make every proposal we send look consistent and on-brand.”

Controlling how each template looks isn’t the only thing that has impressed the team at Krumweide Roofing when it comes to Proposify. Mark says having immediate, attentive support available to chat has also been key to making the learning curve less steep, which has helped his team adopt and use the software with ease.

“Having support to check in with when I need anything, and having them get back to me right away has been such a great help. I find if I don’t have a quick place to go to ask questions when I first sign up with a company, I’m less likely to stick with it.It’s clear that Proposify’s support team knows when you’re new, and want to help make that transition as smooth as possible; they’re really on top of it. I always appreciate that they make sure they’ve answered everything and that I understand. That’s huge.”

After researching what Proposify had to offer, and speaking to other industry professionals about their experience using the templates for similar work, Mark was convinced Proposify was going to help his sales reps spend less time on proposals, and more time getting new leads in the door.

“Once I saw everything Proposify could offer, I got on the phone with a Proposify rep right away and paid for a full year up front. Within 10 or 15 mins I knew, right away, this is it.”
Krumwiede team members
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