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Proposify helped us reach one million in sales, in under two years.

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James Thurlow-Craig
Managing Director of Cheap Web Design

Fundamental sales tools are the keys to success in the eyes of Cheap Web Design, a web design and development company located in Camberley, UK. They know that any well-oiled machine is made possible with the latest and best SaaS products. James Thurlow-Craig, the managing director of Cheap Web Design, sought out the best of the (proposal software) best to replace their antiquated Word documents. He discovered Proposify, and never looked back.

“From the minute we started using Proposify there wasn't any doubt in my mind. It was so easy to use, and it didn’t require much training or documentation, it was intuitive. Saving time is how I judge how well software is going fit in with our business. If I have to sit there and teach members of staff how to use something and go into loads of depth, then the software is out the window, before it’s even in the door. It’s not saving time in the first place. Proposify saves us a massive amount of time.”
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James was so pleased with the success he experienced with Proposify, that he wasted no time incorporating it into a second business venture. New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd, is an artificial grass company operating out of Camberley. With Proposify leading their sales charge, New Lawn has more than exceeded their initial sales expectations.

“We set up New Lawn a year and a half ago, and from the start we knew that we needed to use Proposify. In that time we’ve hit 1.3 million pounds in sales, and a massive part of that has been the way we handle our clients from the proposal stage.”
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There’s no need for a turf war in the artificial grass game, Proposify has made New Lawn the clear winners. In under an hour their clients can receive artificial grass samples, view a proposal, and sign on the e-signature line.

“Once our sales rep has been to the job site, given the customer a brochure and samples, we can get the quotation across in under 15 minutes with Proposify. No other competitor can do this, and we wouldn’t be able to either unless we had everything running like clockwork. That’s where Proposify has been a massive help; we can shell out all these proposals the minute we leave the customer.”

Two businesses would usually mean twice the work when implementing a new proposal process. To James, it was more like a two-for-one special.

“To be honest, it was a breath of fresh air integrating Proposify into our sales team. Before, everyone had been creating Word documents for each proposal. The formatting became a bit of a pain. We had to make sure that the font size and everything else was all set properly, then we’d have to export it from a Word document, into a PDF, which always ended up being too large a file. Proposify made it consistent, and easy.”
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New Lawn and Cheap Web Design strive to impress their clients. Their goal is to create an experience that begins and ends with ease. Proposify helps deliver that security quickly and with style.

“The most valuable feature Proposify offers for both businesses is the ability to create a white label domain for our proposals. It screams that we’re venturing in with the latest technology. If someone sends over a Word document or just a PDF on its own, it doesn’t have the same effect or the added benefit of being able to sign on his or her phone and accept the proposal instantly. That’s something that can’t compete with the traditional methods.”

James maintains that Cheap Web Design and New Lawn aren’t the only businesses with the potential to become leading competitors. Proposify offers the ability to revolutionize the proposal process of almost every serviced based industry out there.

“You could apply Proposify to 90% of businesses. In our case, if we were also builders, contractors, labourers, or anything like that, we could make good use of Proposify.”
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