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Proposify helped Pump Interactive find their voice, and their process

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Andrew Browne
Business Development at Pump Interactive

As the business development manager at Calgary’s Pump Interactive, a boutique digital agency specializing in web design and marketing strategies, Andrew Browne was looking for proposal software that packed, well, a little more pump punch. Andrew felt their existing proposals weren’t aligned with the kind of messaging they wanted to portray and overall they were missing a more linear way to talk about their process.

“We were going after and selling one thing, but by the time we got to the proposal it was this kind of technical jargon that was hard to understand and didn’t have a lot of process around it.”

From the beginning, Andrew and his team really liked that they could select different templates for different proposal situations. They found the copy was inspirational in guiding what their proposals should say and how they should sound. Andrew says Proposify has been a huge help in creating a platform around Pump’s proposal process.

“Writing is emotionally taxing so having a bit of copy in there to provide some context is so valuable. You feel like, “I don’t know where to start” but then you click on something in the template form and it gives us some ideas to get our creative juices flowing. It’s also helped us develop a voice that is on-brand for our company.
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The combination of Proposify’s template copy and proposal pipeline was the tipping point that pushed Pump from trial to paid account.

“Proposify’s pipeline is aligned with our own internal pipeline. We can see which proposals are drafted, designed, or accepted, and where the hot leads are. It’s very complementary to what we’re trying to do. And the template copy is the cherry on top.”

According to Andrew, using Proposify has made their sales process more efficient, their proposals higher quality, and their close rate faster.

“Proposify helps us gather more information about how solid a lead is, and then decide whether it’s at the right stage to create proposal. That alone is super valuable to us so we don’t waste time building proposals for leads who aren’t serious about what we can offer.”

Before Pump started using Proposify, Andrew felt one of their close rate challenges was in creating complicated proposals that made it difficult for clients to then take back and translate to their own teams. That’s all changed since Proposify.

“Proposify helped us align and streamline our whole process and then we top it off with clear, great looking proposals that have a better chance of converting.”
“Proposify has helped me with the constant battle of needing to put out a proposal within a deadline vs. making sure it’s a quality, comprehensive proposal. It has made our process more efficient, which in turn gives me more time to focus on other important things in our business. Proposify is a great tool - it’s a staple for us now.”
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