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Proposify shortened our proposal process from 20 steps to just one.

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Austin Schneider
Marketing Manager of Sport Dimensions

Sport Dimensions is focused. They run a highly specialized sports marketing and sponsorship activation agency out of Denver, Colorado and Charlotte, North Carolina. By zeroing in on their clients' current sponsorship portfolios, rather than buying into new sponsorship opportunities, Sport Dimensions can produce better, and longer lasting results for their clients.

Austin Schneider, marketing manager of Sport Dimensions, needed a proposal process as focused as his campaigns. His team of 20 sales reps each had their own process, complete with their own proposal. That’s 20 opportunities for miscommunication, misrepresentation, and inconsistencies. It was time to bring it all under one roof, and Proposify was the right tool for the job.

“Before Proposify everybody had their own numbering system. So when someone would submit a proposal, the accounting department would have to decipher where it should go manually. There wasn’t a single pipeline we were going into. It was very fragmented and essentially a mishmash of powerpoint slides, Microsoft Word documents, and email chains. There was no semblance of a process, which was slowing us down quite a bit. I was surprised that no one had gone insane.”
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Proposify made it possible to see every step of Sport Dimension's proposal process. Deals were now closed in half the time, employees were assigned campaigns with ease, and sales moved in the right direction.

“Proposify is where everything begins now. Previously our team would have off the cuff discussions by email with clients that were halfway to approval. There wasn’t a review or a way to track it. It was very loose, and it could have been months, or weeks before we would see it finalized. With Proposify we have a pretty quick turnaround. Once it gets in the system, it generally doesn’t take very long to close.”

After experiencing that level of success in the initial stages of Proposify, Austin knew that not only did they need a paid plan, they needed an upgrade.

“I had researched a couple of systems, but ultimately went with Proposify. We ended up upgrading to the next tier to jump into customized domains and the additional level of active proposals to keep up with our clients. Set up was easy. I implemented everything and designed all of the templates we use. Then I set up our users and trained them with no issues.”

After Proposify became a full-fledged member of the Sport Dimensions family, Austin worked with his team to tie in the remaining stages of their administrative process. By integrating with Zapier and Quickbooks, he was able to bring together each department and keep all of the data in one, secure place.

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“Proposify ends up being the anchor for all of our different internal administrative needs. Being able to integrate into Zapier is extremely useful to us for that reason. With Proposify there are so many different variables that we can use in our zaps. For instance, when a proposal closes, Zapier sends an automated email to the closer and the accounting team. Also, right from that email, you can download the pdf, you can go to the dashboard, and you can view the value of the deal. That streamlined infrastructure is a godsend for us.”

Austin didn’t stop there. He used Proposify’s Streams features to fine tune his pipeline and eliminated the possibility of a missed invoice, or forgotten lead.

“Proposify’s Streams allow an obvious kind of one, two, three-step process for our team to view proposals. We broke it down into viewed/won, invoiced, and paid. This organization is vital for us because we generally will have paid expenses for the client out front, sometimes in the realm of $100,000, and we need to bill that back after the fact.”
Sport dimensions team

Austin says Proposify hasn’t just been a game changer for Sport Dimensions, it’s elevated the experience for their clients, and turned vision into reality.

“It makes the experience real. We’re fortunate to work in an industry with appealing and exciting imagery, and with Proposify, we’re able to share that with the client in a way that we couldn’t with our previous proposals. When clients see what’s possible, and how close they are to it, it makes it easy for them to get excited and say yes in Proposify.”
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