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With Proposify, Umault increased their proposal close rate by 30%.

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Guy Bauer
CEO & Creative Director of Umault

Umault, formerly known as Guy Bauer Productions, started in 2010 as a one-man freelance operation in a spare bedroom editing home video footage of someone’s puppy for $50. Today, that small-scale hustle has grown to an entire visual storytelling team, offering full creative, production, and post-production services to clients all over the world.

As Guy’s freelance gig grew into a fully-fledged production team, so did his need for a proposal process. Proposify was there to offer the sophisticated functionality that Guy felt would be easy for his team to implement and would impress his clients.

“In the early days when my job was for $50, I didn’t have a proposal solution because I didn’t think it would really matter. As our budgets increased, our proposals just needed to be better looking, more robust, and have different features like video. That’s why we went to Proposify.”
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With time-saving features like the content library, Guy was able to streamline his proposal process. Putting a proposal together for a prospective client is now a snap without losing the necessary creative quality that sets his production company apart.

“Our proposals are way more tailored and customized than ever, even though we're doing less creative work ourselves. We save four or five hours a week, and that’s no exaggeration.”

Guy uses his reclaimed time to perform more in-depth lead qualification to better identify high-intent prospects. Now, he wastes less time on ill-fitting leads and can focus on closing more deals with the right clients.

“Since I’ve started doing better lead qualification, it’s no longer a surprise when the deal closes. Now, I know when a client is going to book before they hit the ‘Accept’ button because the conversations are just more personal. We used to close 50% of our proposals, and now we close about 80%. But it still feels great when they hit ‘Accept’.”
UMault team members

Proposify doesn’t just save time for Guy and his team; it’s efficient for his clients too. The online signature feature is an especially convenient tool that impresses his customers and removes unnecessary obstacles when it’s go-time and they’re ready to sign.

“Proposify is so easy for the client. Rather than having to log into something, you just hit the green button, sign, and then that’s it. The closing process is just way simpler for them with Proposify.”

Everyone at Umault uses Proposify, and Guy’s heard no complaints from his team. They use specific templates for each kind of project, then personalize each proposal before it’s sent to a client. As a result, there are never any concerns about consistency - every proposal is perfectly branded and meets the professional quality Guy knows will win over his clients.

Proposify has become a staple for Umault, and Guy is keen to continue using it. In doing so, Guy and his team have the tools to create beautiful and customized proposals that help them stand out from the competition.

“When you show a proposal to a client, you want to be putting your best foot forward. With Proposify, we have that. I think we show up slicker, and it makes us look modern. Our proposals are more robust and we’ve had clients choose us over our competitors because of it.”
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