Proposify helps Unstoppable Software live up to its name

Sam Schutte
Owner of Unstoppable Software

As president of Unstoppable Software, a custom software development company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sam Schutte has a ton of irons in the fire. He needed a solution that would help him create proposals faster so he could strike while a lead was hot.

“Proposals took forever. We initially used Word and you would think copy and paste isn’t that hard to get right. But it takes far more time than you think. Word made it difficult to quickly and easily get everything we wanted in a proposal. It took a lot of time to get it right and then even more time to make it look good, especially because I’m not a graphic designer. But I wanted the proposals to look sharp.”

After an unsatisfying stint with Quote Roller, Sam discovered Proposify.

“It was Proposify’s design elements and visuals that really stood out for me. I didn’t like Quote Roller’s plain black and blue text. Visual presentation is really important for clients and Proposify’s templates make us look more professional. We say we’re a high end software development company so the fact our proposals are in this cool web system makes us look really legit. We look more innovative. It helps reinforce the sale.”

But Sam soon realized that Proposify is more than just a pretty face.

“We use Harvest for just about everything in our business so we love the integration with Proposify. The online signature feature is superior to Quote Roller, and being able to view metrics has been really valuable to us.”

In fact, being able to see how his clients interact with his proposals has helped Sam close deals.

“One time I could see a client had viewed the budget page over and over and over, spending 10 minutes or more looking at this page but they had only spent about 20 seconds looking at the scope of the project. So I called the client up to see why they were hung up on the budget page and to explain the scope to them in more detail because it was obvious they didn’t really understand what they were buying.”

Since Unstoppable started using Proposify, their sales process has improved. They’ve reduced bottlenecking when it comes to proposal creation, they’re able to get proposals into the hands of clients faster, and it helps them qualify leads.

“Most of the time our clients are ready to buy but then it would be 3,4,5 days later before they got a proposal, and by that time they’ve kind of gone cold. With our templated proposals, I can send them a document right after we talk and we can assess right away whether the deal is going to move forward.”
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