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Chuck Aikens
President of Volume Nine

Volume Nine is an SEO agency based in Denver, Colorado. What led founder and president, Chuck Aikens, to try Proposify was the need for a more structured proposal process.

"We were looking for something with a more official content library so we didn’t have to start from scratch every time. I really like Proposify’s pre-written content templates because it gives us a place to start and then we build and customize from there."
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For Chuck, it was the efficiencies his team gained when they started using Proposify that convinced him to graduate from the trial to a paid account.

"Being able to create proposals quickly means we spend more time talking about the benefits of the project with the client. The proposal acts as the holder of the information and we use Power Point, phone calls, and presentations to sell around it and then drive our leads back for signature in the proposal. Proposify lets us do all of that faster."

Since Volume Nine started using Proposify, their ability to respond to more client requests, and get involved in more opportunities, has increased.

"It’s me and one sales guy but we only did 50% of the sales last year. Everyone at Volume Nine sells so Proposify gives our account managers, directors, and project managers the tools they need to put a proposal together quickly and thoroughly. Our response time and close rate has improved."
Volume Nine team members

Proposify helped Volume Nine be the hero one particular day when a former client phoned up urgently needing a solution right away.

"We knew the services that client wanted so we stacked the proposal up and we got it front of her in 90 minutes and she signed it 60 minutes later. We could never have done that before Proposify. It was a situation where we needed to get it front of her before she changed her mind. She went on vacation for two weeks the next day so if we waited to deliver the proposal when she got back she probably wouldn’t have had the same urgency."
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