State of Proposals

Discover the data-driven best practices behind winning landscaping proposals to help you beat the competition.

What do successful landscaping proposals have in common? Why do some have what it takes to convince a prospect to sign while others go completely dark?

For such an important business tool, the inner workings of a proposal can be marked by guesswork and speculation.

Until now.

The insights that give your team the inside edge.

As the leading online proposal software, we scoured our database of over 1 MILLION sales documents to tease out all the juicy trends, hidden tips, and best practices of the most kick-ass (and kick-your-competition-to-the-curb) landscaping proposals, quotes, and bids.

We discovered:

  • The ideal structure of a successful landscaping proposal
  • How video, automatic reminders, esignatures, and other features affect close rates
  • The optimum proposal creation and delivery process

And so much more.

Ready to take the guesswork out of your team’s next landscaping bid?

This report shows you how.

Who is this report for?

The insights outlined in the State of Proposals: Landscaping Services are based original research and analysis of proposals from companies who plan, organize, execute, promote, and sell landscaping services or other professional facilities services.

(We take our customer’s privacy very seriously—the data we used is entirely anonymous.)

So if you and your team are responsible for securing new business and driving revenue growth for a landscaping firm or other business service, then this report is for you!

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It’s about more than just proposals—it’s about world domination.

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