Do You Actually Want to Own and Operate a Software Company?

Even with a blockbuster idea, your app won’t make money overnight. Are you willing to devote years to building your product, and eventually running a software company?

In this episode of LTV with Kyle Racki, Kyle explains why apps don’t make you get rich quick, and offers some advice to help you decide whether building an app is right for you.


Early Stage Founders: Sales Will Solve (Almost) All of Your Problems

You finally have a product to market, and that’s good news because your bills are piling up fast. You’ve got two options to keep the company on its feet: hunt VC cash, or make some sales calls.

In this episode of LTV with Kyle Racki, Kyle makes a case for why founders should strive to be the best salesperson in their company, and why drumming up customers in the early days is more important than inking investors.


CEOs, Are You Prepared for War?

If you’re a CEO you’re likely in one of two camps: a long-term planner who keeps an even keel, or an aggressive decision maker who isn’t afraid to rock the boat. Tune in to hear why Kyle recommends being a little of both, and how to get there.


How to Crush Your Competition (Honestly and Ethically)

It’s a long journey to the top of the market, and you’ll never make it without tackling one major roadblock along the way - the competition.

In this episode of LTV with Kyle Racki, Kyle shares tips on beating your rivals by harnessing your company’s strengths, and discusses how a little competition is actually good for business.


How I Use All-Hands Meetings to Build Company Culture

A company performs best when everyone is moving in the same direction, but getting your staff on the same page can be challenging when everyone has their own priorities. A simple way to get everyone together is hosting regular all-hands meetings.

In this episode of LTV with Kyle Racki, Kyle shares his formula for running all-hands meetings and discusses the benefits they bring to his company, Proposify.


Why We Hired an HR Manager with only 24 Employees

Proposify only had two dozen employees at the time, and Kyle and his co-founder Kevin Springer knew they needed reinforcements to triple their staff over the coming year.

In this episode of LTV with Kyle Racki, Kyle talks about how they went about finding a killer HR manager and the value she’s brought to the growing company.


Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Rewrite Your SaaS Product - A Cautionary Tale

We set out to redevelop our software to stave off growing competition with a better user interface. We knew it was a big undertaking, but nothing would have prepared us for the mammoth challenges it presented: burnt out developers, stressed support staff, and frustrated customers to name a few.

In this episode of LTV with Kyle Racki, find out what Kyle had to say about whether the rebuild was worth it, and what he would do differently next time.