Meet your sales team’s new secret weapon

It’s time to transform your team’s bottom-of-funnel sales documents from afterthought to ace in the hole. Proposify helps reps get more from their proposals by giving game-changing insight into prospect behaviour, boosting the value of every deal, and upping close rates.

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Still Wasting Time With PDFs?

Your old proposals might as well be stone tablets. There’s no customization, no interaction, and ZERO insight into the buyer journey. And none of that helps you streamline your sales process, beat out the competition, or hit your targets. So why not start sending proposals that do?

Boost deal size with interactive quotes

Earn extra value on every deal with interactive fee tables that let you tailor pricing options, fees, taxes, and discounts for each proposal. Your prospects can pick the products, fees, and services they need—and they often spend more on average because of it.

interactive fee tables
electronic signatures

Triple your close rate with electronic signatures

Online signatures let clients sign your proposals right away, right in the browser, from any device. Add a signature line for your client and anyone on your team. Each signature is also legally binding to protect everyone’s best interests.

Edge out your competitors with expert intel

Discover all the deal-making details about how your client interacts with your proposal, so your reps know exactly when to make the next move. Our metrics tell you when your client opens, comments, or signs their proposal, and exactly how long they spent reading each section.

proposal metrics

Six months ago, we were doing an average of about $3,500 ARR per deal, and it’s now up to $12,000. Proposify made it possible to streamline our proposal process and triple our business.

Up to date proposals

Mike Watson,
Sales Director at Orlo

More than 9,000 teams are already using Proposify to outshine their competition and close more deals. Don’t get left behind.

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