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Discover the proposal software that gives sales pros control and insight into the most important stage of the sales process.

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Closing process a mess? It’s time to set it straight.

Don’t let a tangled bottom-of-funnel experience trip up potential clients at the most important stage of your sales process. Proposify standardizes your closes and keeps your content, brand, and deals safe from the hot mess express.

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Control your closes, not your closers.

Nail down a killer process and arm your reps with exactly what they need to seal the deal—without stifling their autonomy and flexibility.

  • Store proposal templates and approved sales material in a central content library so reps can snap together proposals quickly
  • Roles & permissions lock down what reps can and can’t access and edit, helping to eliminate costly mistakes
  • Create an approval workflow that cuts time-sucking bottlenecks from the review process and helps accelerate closes

Proposify creates closing consistency that makes every rep your best rep.

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Get on the fast track to sales domination.

Proposify gives you the tools you need to standardize your deal-closing process and scale success across the team. Grab your umbrella—because your reps are about to make it rain.

  • Our world-class customer team is packed with proposal experts ready to onboard your reps, set up integrations, and optimize your documents and processes for Proposify.
  • Powerful CRM integrations sync all deal and opportunity activity back to mission control, keeping your CRM as the single source of truth.
  • Workspaces help keep teams focused on their market, region, or product and provide a clear view of the way forward.
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Meet your deal-closing dashboard.

Is your opportunity about to sign, or was the deal dead a week ago? Proposify acts as your closing crystal ball that eliminates uncertainty and unlocks quota-crushing insight.

  • Proposal metrics show sales reps exactly what happens once a proposal is sent. Reps can monitor prospect interactions and time their follow-up to perfection.
  • Pipeline snapshots give sales leaders the 30,000 ft view of every deal in the pipeline; by rep, deal stage, and document type.
  • Notifications keep reps’ fingers firmly on the pulse of their deals by providing instant updates when clients open, view, and sign their proposals.

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How do your proposals stack up?

Discover the latest data-driven tactics, trends, and best practices behind winning proposals that’ll help you beat the competition.

59 min

64% of Proposify proposals are created and sent within 59 minutes.

+ 31%

The number of business proposals that include video increased 31% in 2020.


Using Proposify’s built-in eSignatures can increase close rates by 465% (proposals also close 66% faster)

Millions of proposals. Thousands of survey responses. Ten actionable takeaways.

The analysis and insight you need to dominate your deals in 2021 is right here.

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Until I started using Proposify myself, I didn't realize how much opportunity there was to improve this part of my sales process. 

With Proposify I can build proposals much faster. More importantly, I can streamline the process for my buyer by allowing them to select and deselect options themselves and then sign. All in one frictionless experience. 

- Scott Ingram, Sales Success Media

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