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Proposify put this innovative business back in control of their brand and customer experience while empowering 70+ franchise owners to confidently close deals.

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Lisa Morgan
Director of Marketing at 360clean

About 360clean

An innovative leader in the janitorial service industry, 360clean offers health-focused office cleaning services for businesses throughout the United States and is dedicated to an exceptional owner and customer experience across all their franchise locations.

With 70+ franchise locations following an inconsistent sales process across regions, they started noticing a major disconnect and the impact it was having on service delivery and owner morale.

Lisa Morgan, Director of Marketing knew she had to step in and evaluate the entire quoting and sales cycle or risk damaging their well-established brand.

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Previous proposal process

Sadly, at the time, the National Support Center had little involvement or oversight in the proposal process and neither did the franchise owners. A regional developer was in charge of quoting for each area and instructing franchisees when and where to deliver services.

Each location was approaching the sales process in their own way with their own tools. They were basically using whatever they had access to. Someone could have been sending a word document while another could just be dropping a quote in an email. Some were even just printing it out on a piece of paper with no idea if it made it to the right person, no audit trail, and no way to track the actual pricing.

Most of the time, the regional developer was bidding to guarantee the win which meant coming in with the lowest price and therefore the lowest profits for owners. This led to franchisees cutting corners to save money because they weren’t making enough to cover their own time and products. It was beginning to seriously impact the quality of service and the 360clean brand.

The 360clean Support Center knew it was time to change the franchise model and business structure and that it wasn’t going to be easy. It meant removing regional developers as the middle player and taking back control of the process. It also meant empowering the franchisees to sell their own services.

“Prior to Proposify, I had no control over what was being quoted and how. Not only that, the franchisees had no control so we had to go back to basics.”

Back to basics: Finding a solution

With so many franchises, the 360clean Support Center had to find a tool they could all easily adopt and use to manage their own process without it being chaotic or overwhelming. All while keeping the brand intact.

“Franchise owners are in it because they are great at delivering the services and have an entrepreneurial spirit. They are not necessarily savvy in marketing, sales, or software.”

Being in charge of training, onboarding, and adoption, it had to be something Lisa could confidently use and champion. It was crucial for her to understand the product fully and set it up properly before rolling it out across all franchise owners.

With all that in mind, she landed on Proposify.

“I was able to quickly and easily jump into Proposify and instantly see the value. Knowing I could set up all the pre-approved content and templates for owners meant we were back in control of the brand and franchisees were set up for success."
360 Clean team members

Training and adoption across multiple stakeholders

For Lisa, it didn’t take long for her to immerse herself into the software and learn the ropes. While her personal onboarding was seamless, she was dedicated to putting in some heavy lifting before franchisees got access to Proposify. Her goal was to create a library of pre-approved assets that set the stage for consistent and easy quoting.

Once she was confident their new closing process was ready to roll out, she sent pre-recorded training webinars to each owner before inviting them to mandatory in-person training.

“Onboarding has been very successful! Once the franchise owners send the first 2-3 proposals, they can literally do it with their eyes closed. It’s so fast with the templates already set-up and preapproved.”

360clean’s goal now is to get proposals out within 24 hours. She’s noticed owners get in a rhythm and are very good at sending proposals quickly and without errors. Not to mention, franchisees and corporate are confident the quotes are going out on brand and with fair and consistent pricing.

While corporate doesn’t have to review every deal that goes out, they do have the ability to quickly check on a quote or access any document easily, should a client call their headquarters for support.

“It makes us look like we are organized and in the loop on every deal!”
360 Clean team members

Feature highlight: Workspaces

One of the most powerful features for 360clean is workspaces. With so many owners, it’s important they are only focused on what matters to them and only have access to what they need. Putting each location in their own workspace means they don’t get overwhelmed with everyone else’s deals.

“Having control and being able to oversee and help every single franchisee was a huge factor and I loved when workspaces came into play. We can now easily organize documents and their access by owner. It makes things so seamless.”

Value for franchise owners and customers

Having now sent over 3,000 sales documents, Lisa feels that Proposify has truly elevated their closing process and relationship with their franchise owners and customers. Here are just a few of the key benefits they are celebrating.

Empowered every owner to become an expert at closing deals.

Franchisees are now focused on their deals and their business. They can quickly and easily send quotes and secure deals. There is also more alignment and communication between the owners and headquarters. Not only is the franchisee the face of the business but a huge piece of the brand and communication comes from the corporate office. Now they are cohesive and feel the same to customers.

“Not only has it helped us win clients, it has helped us exponentially with our franchisee sales process, getting them onboarded, and quickly closing deals.”

Created a cohesive and exceptional customer experience.

Having insights into how deals are being viewed and the overall interaction has led to effective follow-up and negotiation with clients. It has provided the entire team the transparency they need to easily collaborate with customers and update quotes in a matter of minutes, leaving customers impressed with the quick turnaround.

“Proposify is our secret weapon. I love knowing when someone is viewing and following up at the perfect time. Clients always think I’m reading their mind but it’s Proposify that gives me the insight.”

Provided control over the sales process, content, and brand.

As a marketing guru, Lisa is a big fan of the pre-approved and designed templates and how the documents look so professional and feel more official than an old paper quote. With all templates made accessible, she only needs to create them once and easily share with all users.

“A lot of the competition is still using paper and where does that paper go - you can’t track it - it is in the trash can!”

The only problem facing Lisa now is owners keep asking for more! They love how easy the templates are to use and that they can be broken into service offerings. They are actually excited about using the software and when a new template is created and confidence is at an all-time high.

“The templates are excellent because they don’t have to change much once they know which service they are providing. They pick the proper template and in no time they can turn around a quote. The only thing they have to change is the schedule and pricing.”
360 Clean team members

Proposify is proving that 360clean is innovative and experienced and giving them a competitive edge in a crowded market.

“Proposify is such a huge part of the business, our brand, and customer experience. Without it, we would be back to paper. We want our franchisees to stand out from others quoting the business, and succeed.”
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