A simpler way to deliver winning proposals to your clients.

Proposify streamlines your sales process and helps you close deals faster.

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Revolutionize your sales process

Until now, managing proposals has been a tedious, painful chore. But Proposify changes all that. We’re revolutionizing the entire process, from creation to close and everything in between. It’s online business proposal software that gives your sales team the competitive edge.

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Maximize Your Time

Make sure your sales leads never go cold. Put winning proposals into the hands of your clients faster with our easy-to-use editor and reusable content library.

Organize Your Team

Go from chaos to collaboration. Team members can quickly access proposals and the content library from anywhere while you manage individual activity with roles and permissions, add comments, and keep track of it all with version history.

Close 60% Faster

Clients can view your proposal anytime, anywhere, plus our online signatures deliver 60% faster sign-off. Find out as soon as your client opens the proposal, what interests them the most, and when they sign off.

Deliver beautiful proposals that close more deals

Say goodbye to the complexity of InDesign and rigidness of other design tools. Our flexible design editor gives you the power to customize the look of your proposal, whether you’re a designer or a designer-at-heart.

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business templates

Pick from our selection of professionally written and designed templates to kick-start your proposal process.

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Discover your inner designer

Design red carpet-worthy proposals that make your brand look like a superstar, no experience necessary. Our easy-to-use editor lets you control typography and page layout, add videos, shapes, and images, and include interactive fee tables.

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Your clients will be awestruck when they view your proposal in an interactive, mobile-friendly, fully white-labelled experience that puts your company in the spotlight. You can even include video in your proposals.

We put time on your side

Bring control, consistency, collaboration, and calm to your team proposal writing process. We bring all your bios, case studies, fees, and sections under one roof so snapping together proposals takes minutes and everyone on your team has access no matter where they are.

quote writing

We bring all your case studies, fees, sections, and bios into one library and let you tag, group, and search content. Drag and drop sections and fees into new proposals, making your proposal process fast and efficient.


Variables automatically swap out your client’s name and other details relevant to each specific proposal so you never need to worry about accidentally including the wrong client name.

We’ve got you covered in the cloud

Efficient, organized, and flexible - the cloud keeps all your information securely in one place so you can access what you need anytime, from anywhere.

  • cloud software

    Increase your efficiency by syncing your CRM, invoicing, and project management tools with Proposify. We integrate with some of the top business apps so you can import contacts, link deals, generate invoices, and create projects.

    > See our full list of integrations.
  • SaaS integrations

    In the office or on-the-go, you can see when your client’s opened the proposal, what sections they viewed the most, how long they looked at it, and you’ll be notified as soon as they leave comments or accept it. We’ll even show you close rates broken down across teams and individuals.

  • business metrics

    Whether you manage a handful of salespeople or an army spread across the globe, we make it easy to lock down what people on your team are allowed to see and do.

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The icing on the cake: it was a better user experience than any of the other players in the space. - Gabe Weaver, COO of Spartan Systems
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Customer Support to the Rescue

We understand that when you’ve got questions, especially when you’re on a tight proposal deadline, you NEED answers. Our customer happiness specialists are at the ready, armed with friendly, helpful, timely support by email or online messaging. We’re here to help, regardless of which you plan you’re on or if you’re just taking us for a test drive.

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We Keep Your Data Safe and Private

When it comes to protecting your private information, we’ve got it locked down tighter than Alcatraz. We partner with Amazon Web Services, use 128-bit SSL encryption, and create daily backups. And we never, EVER disclose any data to third-parties without your permission. Rest easy, nothing’s getting out of here alive.

We’re beyond compare

At least that’s what our customers tell us. But if you haven’t yet discovered the secret sales weapon that is Proposify, we understand you might want to check us out. So we’ve made it easy for you to compare our flexible, design-focused, sales-centred proposal solution against the cumbersome, inefficient, rigid systems of the others.

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Compare Proposify to Google Docs/ MS Word

If you’re managing a proposal process, you need more than just word processing software, like Google Docs or Word. You need a design editor that makes your proposal look sharp, a content library that stores all your info, and a sales system that keeps you on top of what’s happening in your funnel. Beyond words and letters, you need a tool that helps you close deals.

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Compare Proposify to InDesign

InDesign is a powerful, awesome design tool but for most people creating proposals, it’s not only overkill, it’s complicated. And when it comes to collaborating with your team or supporting your sales process, InDesign falls short. Proposify makes it easier to design beautiful proposals, create persuasive content, and manage your sales pipeline, all in one place. It’s about power and simplicity.

business proposal software
Your Mission? Close the Deal. Your Secret Weapon? Proposify.

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