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Easily signed, quickly paid, completely secure. Welcome to your all-in-one electronic signature software

We make sending sales documents simple. Proposify is electronic signature software that speeds up sign-off time by 60%, and lets you get paid directly inside your documents. Over 250,000 documents have already been signed using Proposify—let’s add yours to the list.


Sign from anywhere, on any device

No more printing, plugins, downloads, or scanning—in other words, no more hassle. Our document signing software is easy to use, and lets your clients leave a digital signature in seconds, from any device. We lead them step-by-step through the signing process, support multiple signatures from multiple signees, and let them sign with both signatures and initials.

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Lock down your data with world-class security

Even your most wary clients will rest easy knowing Proposify e-signatures are legally binding, and compliant with strict e-signature laws from around the globe. Our world-class security protocols also keep online payments and other sensitive information protected through 256-bit, bank-grade encryption, one-way password encryption, and daily, off-site backups.

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  1. Encrypted Links

    Proposals are sent using secure encrypted links and we never disclose your information to third parties.

  2. Daily Backups

    Your data is kept safe and secure with daily, offsite backups.

  3. Legally Binding E-Signatures

    Our e-signatures are binding and comply with the world’s strictest laws.


Intel that earns you an edge

Gain valuable insights into your clients’ behavior with data we automatically collect for you. Get notified the second your client receives, reads, signs, and even pays for a deal. Track document views, completed payments, sign-offs, and loads of other crucial metrics. You can’t be inside your client’s heads, but we can get you pretty close.

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Send my client a reminder email in 2 days.

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Unrivaled in-house support

Our team of in-house technical staff offer unrivaled support. Whether it’s talking you through a technical set-up, or swooping in with a miracle fix when your deal’s on the line and your deadline is looming—they’re experts at handling it quickly, patiently, and with as few disruptions to your clients as possible.

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The team typically replies in under 20m
  1. How is Stripe integrated with Proposify? I have a proposal I really need to get an initial deposit on...

    2 minutes ago

  2. Hey Jennie thanks for reaching out!

    Our Stripe integration allows you set a percentage of payment based on proposal total, from 0 to 100%.

    When your client signs and accepts your proposal, they'll be prompted to fill in their credit card information, and you'll get your deposit!

    Just now

  3. That's awesome! This will make my life so much easier :D

    Just now

  4. Is there anything else I can help with?

    Just now

  5. Could you walk me through how to set up Stripe in my account?

    Just now

  6. Absolutely! Let's get started.

    Luke is typing...

    Just now

Thanks Luke!

“Fantastic! Great platform, really user-friendly, and the customer support is fantastic!”

The team will go out of their way to assist you when needed and are always on hand to answer queries and provide training if needed.


Carly Connor
Campaign Manager, Bang Digital


Powerful integrations for painless automation

Our Stripe integration lets you request payments from clients directly in your documents, so you get paid as soon as they sign off. Our simple integrations with top accounting software—like Freshbooks, Xero, or Quickbooks—also means you can quickly generate invoices once the deal is done.

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Request Payment

Use our Stripe Integration to request a payment from your client directly in the proposal, so you get paid as soon as they sign off.

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Accounting Software

Link to your Freshbooks, Xero, or Quickbooks accounts to send your won proposals into your accounting software.

proposify freshbooks integration proposify xero integration proposify quickbooks integration

Generate an Invoice

Once your deal is done you can quickly create an invoice in your favourite accounting software.

  1. Proposals


  3. Contracts

  4. E-signatures
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