Your team’s all-in-one electronic signature solution

Our built-in, legally binding electronic signature tool makes your sales documents digital, interactive, and gets the deal signed faster without having to invest in yet another piece of software.

Electronic Signatures

Sign from anywhere, on any device

Forget printing, plugins, downloads, and scanning—in other words, all the hassle. Use Proposify for document signing and prospects can sign electronically, in seconds, from any device. We support multiple signatures from multiple signees, signatures from unknown signees, and let them sign with both signatures and initials.

set unassigned esignatures on proposals
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Legally binding, backed by world-class security

Prospects will rest easy knowing Proposify’s electronic signatures are legally binding, and compliant with strict e-signature laws from around the globe. Our protocols keep all your prospect’s sensitive information protected through 256-bit, bank-grade encryption, one-way password encryption, and daily, off-site backups.

Encrypted Links

Proposals are sent using secure encrypted links and we never disclose your information to third parties.

Daily Backups

Your data is kept safe and secure with daily, offsite backups.

Legally Binding E-Signatures

Our e-signatures are binding and comply with the world’s strictest laws.

Prospect Insights

Get the inside edge with expert prospect intel

Gain valuable insights into how prospects interact with sales documents. Sales reps are notified the second their prospect receives, reads, and signs a deal. Track document views, completed payments, sign-offs, and other crucial metrics. You can’t be inside your prospect’s head, but we can get you pretty close.

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Unrivaled in-house support

Our team of in-house technical staff offer unrivaled support. Whether it’s talking you through a technical set-up, or swooping in with a miracle fix when your deal’s on the line and your deadline is looming—they’re experts at handling it quickly, patiently, and with as few disruptions to your clients as possible.


Carly Connor

“Fantastic! Great platform, really user-friendly, and the customer support is fantastic!”

Carly Connor
Campaign Manager, Bang Digital


Works with the tools you already use

Our Stripe integration lets your reps request payments directly in your documents, so you get paid as soon as they sign off. Our integrations with top accounting software—like Freshbooks, Xero, or Quickbooks—also means reps can quickly generate invoices once the deal is done.

integrate your crm and payments into your proposals
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