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  1. Zapier Integration ActiveCampaign


    Generate new Active Campaign deals as soon as you create a Proposify proposal, and keep those deals up-to-date as you move through proposal stages. Free yourself from all the busy work so you can go all-in on closing the deal.


  2. Zapier Integration Agile CRM

    Agile CRM

    Create a new Agile CRM deal, fully loaded with all your contact’s details, whenever you start a new Proposify proposal. Let us handle the small details, so you can focus on nailing the deal.


  3. Zapier Integration Asana


    Automatically start new Proposify proposals from clients added to Asana. Set new Asana tasks when clients comment or sign your proposals, and keep sterling records by creating Asana projects from won Proposify proposals.


  4. Basecamp


    You can import your Basecamp contacts, and automatically generate a project when your proposal is accepted. Upload a PDF to your file section and invite your team and clients.

    Project Management

  5. Zapier Integration

    Easily generate Close leads from new Proposify proposals. Then, keep those leads engaged by automatically subscribing them to an email sequence when they open or comment on a proposal!


  6. Zapier Integration Copper


    Automatically create a new Proposify proposal when you add a company to Copper, or when an ongoing Copper deal hits the proposal stage. Create a new status when your client views your proposal, and a new invoice when your proposal is won.


  7. Zapier Integration Dropbox


    Automatically create a new file in Dropbox every time your team wins a proposal, so you can stay organized and keep flawless records—without any extra effort.


  8. Freshbooks


    You can import your FreshBooks contacts, and we’ll automatically generate an invoice using your pricing table when your client accepts a proposal.


  9. Zapier Integration Google Drive

    Google Drive

    Slash heaps of busywork from your sales cycle by automatically saving a PDF copy of all your won proposals in Google Drive.


  10. Zapier Integration Gravity Forms

    Gravity Forms

    Use leads from Gravity Forms to automatically create new clients (or start new proposals) in Proposify. Set yourself up so you’re ready to act while your leads are still scorching hot.


  11. Harvest


    You can import your Harvest contacts, and we’ll automatically generate an invoice using your pricing table when your client accepts a proposal.

    Project Management

  12. Zapier Integration Highrise


    Import Highrise contacts and automatically create deals in Highrise when you send out a proposal. When your client accepts or declines the proposal, automatically update the Highrise deal.


  13. Hubspot


    Stay up to date with your proposal progress right in HubSpot. Sync your contacts to Proposify, attach proposals to deals, and export won proposals as PDFs.


  14. Infusionsoft


    Import your contacts from InfusionSoft, add proposals in Proposify as opportunities, and generate invoices. When a proposal is accepted or declined, we’ll automatically update your opportunity to match.


  15. Zapier Integration Insightly


    Create Proposify clients from new Insightly contacts or automatically create a deal when you send out a proposal. Update the stage of your deal depending on whether a client accepts or declines your proposal.


  16. Zapier Integration Monday


    Keep your workflow as painless as possible by setting up a “proposals” board in Monday. Link it to Proposify to automatically create a new client or proposal every time there’s a pulse on the board.


  17. Zapier Integration Nimble


    Create a new Nimble task whenever you start a Proposify proposal. Rest easy knowing you’ll never forget to follow up after sending off your pitch.


  18. Zapier Integration

    Save your energy for the work that really matters, with Proposify + noCRM. Start a new proposal whenever you add a noCRM lead. Change noCRM statuses when you win or lose deals. Set new noCRM tasks whenever you start a proposal.


  19. Pipedrive


    Import your contacts into Proposify. We'll automatically create a deal in Pipedrive, and update it when clients view proposals, leave comments, accept the proposal and upload a PDF to your deal.


  20. Zapier Integration Podio


    Create Proposify clients from Podio contacts or activities. You can also update activities in Podio when you Proposify proposals are sent, viewed, and won.

    Project Management

  21. Quickbooks


    Our #1 requested accounting integration! Import your contacts, and generate full or partial invoices in Proposify after your client signs off. It's time to get paid faster!


  22. Salesforce


    You can import your Salesforce contacts into Proposify and link opportunities with your proposals. When a proposal is accepted we'll update your opportunity in Salesforce.


  23. Zapier Integration Slack


    Keep your team on task and in the loop with Slack notifications every time a Proposify proposal is created, or a client signs a proposal. Automatically share won proposals as files in Slack.


  24. Stripe


    Connect your Stripe account to Proposify and request payment from your clients right in the proposal and get paid as soon as they sign-off.


  25. Zapier Integration Teamwork Projects

    Teamwork Projects

    Cut down on menial work (and get a jump start on newly won projects) by automatically creating new projects in Teamwork when you win a Proposify proposal.

    Project Management

  26. Zapier Integration Trello


    Make sure your team is always on track and in the loop by creating a new board or card in Trello any time you start a new Proposify proposal.


  27. Zapier Integration Typeform


    Automatically create new Proposify clients from entries made in Typeform forms. Cut down on manual work, eliminate duplicate entries, and stay focused on winning new business.


  28. Zapier Integration Wave


    Automatically trigger a new invoice, or record a sale, when you win a Proposify proposal, so you always have sterling records without hours of extra effort.


  29. Zapier Integration Wufoo


    Automatically create new Proposify clients from entries made in Wufoo forms. Or, use info from Wufoo entries to automatically start new proposals.


  30. Xero


    Import contacts, and when a proposal is accepted you can specify a percentage to invoice. We'll generate the invoice from your budget table and from there you can download the PDF or send it to your client from Xero.


  31. Zapier


    Zapier allows you to connect Proposify with hundreds of other web apps and save time creating workflows between them. Great for integrating with your CRM, invoicing, project management tools and more.


  32. Zoho


    Import your contacts from Zoho into Proposify. We’ll create a deal in Zoho when you send out a proposal and we’ll update it when your client accepts or declines.


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