Proposal software for happy clients and a more productive sales team

You need proposal software that automates repetitive tasks, eliminates bottlenecks, and keeps your messaging consistent.

With Proposify, you get all of this plus 24/7 visibility into client activity so you can nurture opportunities like a pro.

Custom Fields & Variables

Eliminate manual entry

Free your team from time-sucking manual work and reduce costly errors with custom fields and variables that auto-populate new proposals with accurate details like client and company names.

Plus our Salesforce integration makes pulling complex fees into proposals foolproof.

connect your proposals to your crm
Content Library

Store approved content in one easy-to-access location

Save product descriptions, case studies, fees, images, and even entire proposals in one central place, so your whole team’s working with the same sales collateral.

At-their-fingertips content means reps can easily find what they need when they need it, make fewer errors, and aren’t forced to reinvent the wheel with every new proposal.

keep proposal content in a content library
Advanced Insights

Keep deals from dying with advanced prospect insights

Discover how prospects are interacting with proposals with our metrics and notifications.

Reps get alerted the second their prospects open, read, and e-sign their sales documents, plus how long they spent reading each section.

Armed with this information, reps will know the best time to follow up and the objections they may face when they do.

get visibility into the closing stage of your deals with proposal software
Electronic Signatures

Zero-hassle electronic signatures

Triple your close rate by adding electronic signatures to your proposals without the added hassle of wrangling yet another piece of software.

Proposify lets you set up legally binding, electronic signatures that reps can drag and drop into any proposal, and clients can sign in seconds, from any device.

esignatures get 32 percent faster sign-off

Productivity beyond proposals

Crank your workflow into automation overdrive by building dozens of different sales documents in Proposify.

Our streams feature lets you organize estimates, signed contracts, RFPs, and more into unique categories that are separate from revenue-related deals so you can make all your documents more dynamic and never worry about gumming up your sales pipeline in the process.

sort and filer proposals

Connect your favorite platforms

Integrate Proposify with your CRM—you can even send beautiful, customized proposals without ever leaving HubSpot or Salesforce.

Plus, connect your favorite apps for chat, file storage, collaboration, invoicing, payment processing, and more for one seamless proposal workflow.

Proposify integrations

Take the full tour of our proposal software features

Save your sales team hours each week. Ditch the friction and confusion.

Start sending proposals that close 2X more than the industry average with easy customization, interactive pricing, useful analytics, and smooth client feedback.

Proposify metrics and dashboard

Kickstart your next proposal with one of our 75+ templates

We’ve analyzed over 1 million winning proposals sent with our software and used that data to create templates designed to close.

Our templates cover all the key sections and help you take your closing rates to the next level with videos, pricing tables, intake forms, and more.

Proposify tempaltes

Frequently asked questions about proposal software

Learn all about streamlined proposal management.

What is proposal software?

Business proposal software helps you create, send, and track professional proposals. It streamlines the entire proposal process—from creating templates to customizing a proposal to delivering the proposal via email and then following up based on trackable client activity. Sales professionals use proposal software to save time on proposal creation and follow-up while improving the buying experience for the potential client.

Why should I use proposal software?

The short answer? To wow your clients and make life easier for your sales team.

Proposal software improves the client experience with online proposals that can be securely e-signed in a web browser. Clients enjoy being able to comment on key areas of the proposal and selecting the pricing options they want, which updates the contract amount. These interactions are just not possible with PDF proposal attachments.

Proposal software also improves team collaboration with features like reusable templates, a content library for mixing and matching proposal sections, and internal reviews and approvals.

What should a proposal include?

Your proposal should be on-brand in terms of the colors, imagery, and writing style. Based on our research of 1 million+ successful proposals, we’ve found that winning docs usually include these key sections: Cover Page, Executive Summary, Approach/Solution, Deliverables, About Us/Our Team, Pricing, Terms & Conditions, and Sign-Off (so clients can accept the proposal and sign the contract right away).

If you use Proposify as your proposal software, you can also include a required deposit via our Stripe and QuickBooks integrations.

Where can I find proposal templates?

With Proposify you can choose from over 75 proposal templates for every business type, from software sales to catering to construction. These templates are built inside of our proposal tool and available to you at all times.

Choose your favorite template and make it your own with your company logo, colors, and photos. Save that template for use across your sales team. You can also create and manage content snippets like service descriptions and case studies to easily mix and match the right sections for each prospective client.

How can I collect electronic signatures with quoting software?

Professional quotes should include e-signatures so clients can accept the project in one seamless workflow. Simply add a signature page at the end of your quote. Include a line for all signers, including yourself, and make sure you sign before you send. You can add scrollable terms & conditions or a master service agreement right above the signature page to make sure all of your legal terms are included.

What are the key features of the best proposal software?

Great proposal software should offer proposal templates, a content library, internal collaboration tools, client review and comments, proposal tracking, and closing analytics. You might also want proposal automation features, like fast new document creation, automated email follow-ups, and CRM data synching. And lastly, make sure to look for features that enhance your proposals, like editable pricing tables, intake forms, video embeds, and contract deposits. This way, you not only get a better proposal process but higher closing rates too.

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