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We’re revolutionizing the proposal process.

Our mission is to make killer closers out of everyone, including you.

We believe that proposals shouldn’t be painful.

We believe that it should be easy for sales teams to create and close customized, interactive, beautifully designed proposals.

We believe that sales automation can create more opportunities for sales personalization.

We believe there’s no better dream team than sales automation and personalization.

In the battle for better business, we believe there is no place for juggling docs, spreadsheets and design programs, scanning long documents that need to be signed and sent back, and there is certainly no place for fax machines. Don’t even mention snail mail.

We know that the faster your client gets your proposal, the faster they’ll sign it, and the faster you’ll get paid. We’re here to help speed up every step of that process.

We believe that the more intel you have about how your client is interacting with your proposal, the easier it is to close the deal.

We believe that you can grow your sales and we know we can help you do it.

Our Values


We focus on the opportunity for innovation, not the roadblocks stopping us. We focus on the future, not the past. Solutions, not problems.


Being honest and having strong moral principles. We follow through on what we say, and can always be trusted. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We’re accountable. When we screw up we own it.


We always try to understand and share the feelings of another. Customers, users, detractors. Managers, employees, departments. Competition and community.


We’re not afraid of hard work, and we find answers ourselves before asking a team member. We’re constantly hungry to make things better. We have a passion for learning. We make mistakes, but only new ones. We continually test our own assumptions. We’re always willing to experiment.

In addition to racism of all forms, Proposify does not support or tolerate sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or bigotry and is committed to actively eliminating any form of discrimination or prejudice.

Learn more about Diversity at Proposify and the ways we’re trying to get better at listening, learning, and changing.

Leadership Team

Kyle Racki

CEO & Co-Founder

Kevin Springer

COO & Co-Founder

Patrick Edmonds

Chief Marketing Officer

Ricky Ferris

Chief Product Officer

Jennifer Faulkner

Chief Communications Officer

Daniel Hebert

VP of Sales

Conor Cox

VP of Customer Success

Jennie Sanford

Head of Operations

Jason Chakravorty

VP of Engineering

Proposify Board Members

Kevin Springer - COO and Co-Founder, Proposify

Kyle Racki - CEO and Co-Founder, Proposify

Dale Tingley - Senior Investor, CBGF

Ben Yoskovitz - Founding Partner, Highline BETA

Andrew Ray - Vice President of Investment, Innovacorp

Proposals Suck.
Proposify Makes Them Suck Less.

That’s basically the entire inspiration for Proposify. Co-­founders Kyle Racki and Kevin Springer spent years toiling over proposals as employees, freelancers, and agency owners. Long, non-billable hours of wrangling Word docs, inefficient collaborations with colleagues, frustrating searches for lost content, and Groundhog Days of printing, faxing, signing, scanning documents with clients.

Kyle, a designer by trade, and Kevin, a sales veteran, knew there had to be a better way. In 2007, Kyle was working at a small web design firm when he had an idea. What if there was a way to make a software-as-a-service product like Basecamp, but for proposals? It would cut down on the incredible amount of time and stress agencies face producing good proposals in a timely manner. It would provide the design flexibility to make every proposal look sharp and the tools to make team collaboration smooth. The end result? Impressed clients who seal the deal.

It seemed like it could be more than just a cool idea but Kyle never thought it would see the light of day. At the time, Javascript wasn’t what it is today, and while he could design the interface, he didn’t have the technical or financial means to make it a reality.

Kevin and Kyle went on to found their own web design agency and over the years Kyle watched as other companies launched proposal software. But none of them quite matched his vision, the kind of product he would use for his own agency’s proposals.

Finally, in 2013, after much bloody prototyping, sweaty coding, and admittedly the odd tear, Kevin and Kyle sold their agency to focus 100% on developing what was to become Proposify. The tipping point? When they hired Jonathan Down as CTO, whose ninja development skills brought Proposify to life, and the support of some very early stage investors who believed in its potential.

Now, with 80 employees (and growing) and 10,000 customers (and growing), Proposify is focused on being the best in class, the best in SaaS, and the best solution for businesses around the world.






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