Top 10 Loopio Alternatives: Boost Your RFP Response Process

The efficiency and effectiveness of your team's request for proposal (RFP) response process can make or break their closing rate. One way to ensure every RFP receives a response on time, every time, is by using software to streamline workflows and automate processes. One option is Loopio.

Loopio is a cloud-based software platform that's designed to simplify the process of responding to RFPs. With features like collaboration tools, integration capabilities, and automation, it's been a go-to for many organizations seeking to improve their RFP responses.

However, every business has unique needs, and what works for one might not be the best fit for another. For this reason and many others, your team may wish to explore Loopio competitors that might better align with their specific requirements.

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12 B2B Sales Tips to Crush Your Quota

In theory, closing is simple. Show up, present your pitch, answer your prospect’s questions, and ask for the sale. But in practice, it’s not so easy. There are miscommunications, hesitations, objections, and other obstacles that can derail your deal if closing isn’t your strong suit.

Whether you’re struggling to get your deal across the finish line or looking for inspiration for your next one, we've got the top 12 business-to-business (B2B) sales tips to help you bring it home.

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Top 7 GetAccept Alternatives: The Best Options for Streamlining Sales Processes

The ability to streamline sales processes is crucial for staying competitive. Digital sales enablement platforms have become indispensable tools for sales teams. One such platform is GetAccept.

GetAccept is a versatile sales enablement platform designed to streamline document management and accelerate the sales process. With features like e-signatures, document tracking, and engagement analytics, it's a popular choice for businesses aiming to enhance their sales workflows.

However, while GetAccept is a popular choice, is it the best one for you and your team? To help make that decision, check out these seven GetAccept alternatives, each with its own features and capabilities tailored to various business needs.

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Automate your proposal process with Proposify

How Proposal Automation Can Streamline Your Sales Process

How is your sales team creating and sharing proposals right now? Word documents? PDFs? That probably means they're creating every new proposal from scratch, taking up a lot of time they could be spending finding new prospects and closing new deals.

There's an easier way. Proposal automation can streamline the sales process from beginning to end, saving your team time and standardizing the way they create and send proposals. It's the solution you didn't know they needed.

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Best sales tracking software

7 Best Sales Tracking Software

Sales is a bit like fishing. There’s nothing stopping you from going out and casting your line into the open water. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a couple. But after enough time chasing nibbles and pulling up a few boots, you’ll come to realize this approach isn’t so effective because you can't see what's under the surface.

Sales is a lot more hands-on. Between finding leads, nurturing them, pitching, and following up, there are a lot of points of interaction between the initial bite and onboarding.

With each of those interactions comes a data point. These data points range from details like where the lead came from to what stage of the sales cycle they’re in, revealing insights about your sales process.

This information can help you determine when to set up meetings with leads, which sales enablement materials (like sell sheets) to send them, what questions to ask, and more. But in order to harness that data, you need a way to track your sales activities.

What you need is sales tracking software.

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B2B Sales Funnel

Build a B2B Sales Funnel to Land More Customers

One of the most challenging parts of leading business to business (B2B) sales team is, of course, winning new customers. Lots of them. You know your products and services are of high quality. You know what you can accomplish for prospects. You and your team just have to get them in the door, so to speak.

And even when you do, the sales process takes time. Much more time than the business to consumer (B2C) process, which is pretty straightforward. Your leads must go through several more stages than a consumer would, and you have to meet them where they are, every step of the way.

The answer?

Build a B2B sales funnel.

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Franchise proposal process

Top 5 Bottlenecks in Your B2B Franchisee Proposal Process and How to Overcome Them

Franchisees are on the frontline of your business.

They form the barrier between customers and your brand—and obviously, you want them to represent your tone of voice, values, and pricing the right way. When they do this, you make more money.

But the more franchisees you add to the mix, the more it can feel like herding cats. One franchisee might run full steam ahead in one direction, and another might go rogue down an entirely different road.

To get them back on the same path (and avoid diluting your brand), it’s human nature to try and take back the reins. You can do this by personally reviewing every single proposal or overseeing each step of the proposal process in minute detail… but do you want to spend your time micromanaging the people you’ve trusted to expand your business?

Sure, checking and approving every individual proposal might slap a band-aid over the immediate problem, but it’s not a long-term fix. It might feel like you’re creating some semblance of consistency and control. But, in reality, you’re just adding obstacles that can force the entire proposal process to grind to a halt.

Here are some of the most common bottlenecks we see in the B2B franchisee proposal process and how you can overcome them.

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