Quoting software to streamline your document workflows.

Forget your stodgy Word documents. Modern sales teams win new business with impressive, interactive, digital quotes. Get the quoting software packed with powerful features that make creating, sending, and esigning quotes simple.

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Interactive Quotes

End the endless back-and-forth

Clear the way to a smooth close with our quoting software's fully interactive quotes. Real-time chat allows your reps to quickly resolve deal-breaking questions right in the document, interactive fee tables let prospects select the services they want, and our legally binding electronic signatures make it easy to sign off.

proposal pricing tables with optional fees and discounts
Advanced Insights

Make your prospect an open book

Advanced insights into prospect behaviour reveal exactly how they interact with your team’s quotes. Our quoting software lets you receive notifications the second prospects receive, open, read, or esign a quote so reps know exactly when to reach out. Identify large-scale trends by tracking how long prospects spend on each section of your quote.

get visibility into the closing stage of your deals with proposal software
Pricing Management

Build error-free quotes, fast

Slash hours of work from your team’s quote-creation process with quoting software that standardizes and automates your company’s sales documents. Create templates that ensure reps send uniform quotes that they can still customize with drag-and-drop product, service, and pricing details from the content library.

store proposal content and fees

Integrates with your favourite business tools

Powerful integrations with the best business tools on the market make Proposify quoting software as versatile as it is powerful. Eliminate workflow friction by integrating Proposify with your CRM, accounting software, and more.

integrate your crm and payments into your proposals

Quoting templates for every business

Our quoting solution comes fully loaded with quote templates. No more blank pages. We also offer proposal templates and contract templates.

Everything you need to know about sales quote software

Check out answers to commonly asked questions so you know exactly how to improve your quoting process.

What features should I look for in quoting software?

Key features include quote templates, reusable content snippets, e-signatures, payment processing, automated email reminders, client comments, and proposal viewing analytics. Large companies might also want to ensure that they can structure their account in a way that makes sense for their sellers (such as certain quote templates being available for certain regions).

How much does quoting software cost?

Quoting software isn't terribly expensive compared to some of the tools you might already be using to run your business, however CPQ software can be more expensive due to it's more robust feature offering. In fact, Proposify costs just $50 per user per month, giving you access to all of the features you need to improve your quoting process as a team. You can start a free trial and try all of our tools for yourself.

How do I create custom quotes for clients?

While you can design a quote from scratch, you'll save time by beginning with a template. (Check out our quote templates here.) Customize your quote with your company’s branding, what makes your company the top choice, your client’s pain points and goals, your proposed solution, and the service price. Consider adding a pricing table to show the different elements of your quote and even allow clients to select the options they want.

How can I collect payments with quoting software?

Collecting payments is super easy. You can integrate Proposify with your QuickBooks or Stripe account to take payments via ACH or credit card. Charge the full amount of the service upfront, or require a deposit that represents a percentage of the full agreement. Clients will appreciate the smooth onboarding experience.

How can I collect electronic signatures with quoting software?

Professional quotes should include e-signatures so clients can accept the project in one seamless workflow. Simply add a signature page at the end of your quote. Include a line for all signers, including yourself, and make sure you sign before you send. You can add scrollable terms & conditions or a master service agreement right above the signature page to make sure all of your legal terms are included.

How can I gather client feedback and update quotes?

Sales quotes can be easily negotiated and updated. Clients can leave comments directly on the elements of the quote they want to change, this way there is no confusion. You can then edit the quote accordingly and re-send it for signature. Use open and view insights to see whether or not clients have reviewed your changes so your follow-up emails are always on point.

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