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How A Leading Logistics Company Started Closing Deals 10x Faster and Saved Thousands in Insurance Claims With E-Signatures

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Mike Griffin
VP Commercial Logistics, Razr Logistics

About Razr Logistics

Mike Griffin is the VP of Commercial Logistics at Razr Logistics (formerly Johnson Logistics), a leading logistics company headquartered in Centennial, Colorado (US). Razr Logistics covers every aspect of commercial and residential logistics around the world: from local and long-distance transportation, last mile delivery, warehousing, distribution and installation. Moving can be stressful but Razr Logistics has you covered.

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During the pandemic, Razr Logistics’ business was growing but their sales process was making it hard to close deals quickly and scale. The biggest challenge was getting back signed proposals from customers. The process was too manual with sales reps on the road and having to wait until they got back to the office to print, sign, and send back documents. Mike was looking for a solution that could move the proposal process along so operations could have more runway to deploy resources.

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Inconsistent Proposals Were Not Delivering

The sales team at Razr Logistics wanted to get signed deals as soon as possible. The process was too manual and each rep was sending a proposal a different way. It was hard to know how many proposals were out at a given time, what was included in the proposal, and just how many moves needed to be planned.

“We had multiple versions of proposals going out and every salesperson was using something different. It was hard to know exactly how busy we were going to be in a given period of time. Our pricing team wanted more standardization as well”.

Closing The Deal Was Taking Too Long

The proposal process at Razr Logistics was drawn out and the team was waiting too long for signed agreements. Customers wanted a move to happen on a particular date, but until the agreement was signed - operations couldn’t start the project. Mike needed a tool to help customers sign the proposal as quickly as possible so his reps could close the deal, and operations could deploy resources. The business was depending on it.

“If somebody wants something done tomorrow and you're having to try to wait to get a signed agreement, that’s slowing the operations team down because they can't do anything until we get that signed. Proposify has definitely helped us in that regard - getting deals signed faster and our trucks moving off the parking lot quicker”.
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It Was Time For A Solution

The proposal process was broken and Mike was determined to fix it. He was looking for a solution that could help his team get proposals signed quickly, streamline how proposals were created, as well as integrate with their Customer Relationship Management Platform (CRM), Pipedrive.

They looked at other tools like Docusign, but after seeing a partner’s professional proposal, they started looking at Proposify.

“One of our partners was using Proposify. We really saw value in the tool. It met all our needs including being able to push data back into Pipedrive, our CRM, when the proposal was signed. That's awesome, you know, and it ties right back to that salesperson. It creates a lot of visibility into the proposal process.”

The Benefits of Proposify Proposal Software

Mike was thrilled with the Proposify demo and soon purchased a subscription to the tool. After implementing, the Razr Logistics team started to see the benefits of the platform come to life.

E-signatures For Pricing and Insurance Terms

Proposify e-signatures were game changing for Razr Logistics. The sales team was able to create and send a proposal from anywhere and get them signed within days or even minutes. Interactive pricing allowed customers to choose and make adjustments to pricing options right on the document. But there was an added bonus, the Razr Logistics team could also add insurance coverage terms and get the customer to sign-off on that too. This has saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance claims a year.

“You can have several different pieces within the proposal to get either a customer’s initials or signature. This is a huge thing because in our world of valuation, which is like insurance coverage in a way… we have customers sign off on that piece as well, right in the proposal, which includes pricing. So, multiple signatures was a big win for us. ”

Proposify Professional Services

Mike was looking forward to creating streamlined proposals for their team of 15-20 sales professionals. To expedite product adoption, Razr Logistics decided to use Proposify Professional Services. The Proposify team helped create custom templates that were designed to consolidate branding, pricing, and operational requirements and walked the team through how to use them.

“The Proposify team created templates that we could use right away. This was helpful for our team because we were able to adopt and use the product immediately to get the most benefit out of it. We’ve been using Proposify for several years. It’s great to be able to reach out and have someone help you if required. That’s a really great benefit.”

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Visibility Into the Sales Process

One of the biggest impacts Proposify had on Razr Logistics is the visibility the team was able to get into the closing process. For the first time, Mike and the executive team could see each sales person’s close ratio. This helped manage forecasts better, define gaps in the closing process and work on solutions.

Sending Proposals 10x Faster

Proposify has helped the Razr Logistics team save valuable time and resources creating, sending, and signing proposals. What used to take the team 20 minutes or longer, was now taking 2-3 minutes. It used to take three additional admin resources to help sales reps create proposals. That was no longer the case after implementing Proposify.

“With the volume of proposals we’re sending, we’re probably saving 500 hours a quarter just by sending our proposals in Proposify. Based on what we pay our sales reps and admin staff that’s a cost savings of at least $40,000 on just General & Administrative (G&A). The software pays for itself.”
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