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With Proposify, Sandler Training is able to get their proposal signed and sealed in one day.

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Daniela Colter
Office Manager of Sandler Training

Sandler Training has built a legacy around curated and performance driven training modules for thousands of sales teams, business managers, and professional service providers.

Their mission is to make each client successful, consistent, and put them on the path to long-term sales success. Achieving this requires the most up to date training methods, the best instructors, and proposals that deliver an impressive client experience.

Daniela Colter, office manager of Sandler Training, was looking for a way to streamline their proposals. Microsoft Excel was clunky, and their five-step proposal process could take up to a month to close. After making the move to Proposify, Sandler has been able to cut that time in half.

“It was laborious to send out proposals before Proposify. If the clients were travelling, it would take longer, because they tend to not be near a printer. They would have to scan it and send it back. Then it would come back to me, to send an invoice. There were just too many steps. Sometimes we’d have to wait a month before we’d get it back from the client.”
“Now, our clients love it. They can sign it online, electronically and send it to us and we can get it finalized right away, within 24 hours.”

Sandler knows that presentation at the proposal stage sets the tone for a long-term relationship with their clients. With Proposify, they're able to maintain the same level of consistency and organization that each student is taught to have.

“Our proposal process is much more professional now. Everything is in one place; we don't have to worry about chasing down paper contracts or chasing down the client. I’ve had a majority of our clients say that Proposify is very efficient and they liked the experience so much better than our previous contracts.”

With Proposify’s dashboard, Sandler has easy access to metrics that show a near-perfect close rate.

“We’ve had a 90% return rate on contract signatures. There’s rarely a client now who says they’ll sign and begin work with us who doesn’t follow through.”
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Daniela praises Proposify for the move away from the black hole that can be paper and email attachments. Notifications indicating that the proposal has been read, and signed, go directly to her, making it easy to maintain that quick turnaround, excellent close rate and internal process.

“I don’t have to go through my emails anymore. I can send the proposal directly through Proposify, receive a notification that it’s been read and not have to worry about the back and forth.”

Streamlining the proposal process has freed up Daniela's time. She can now put more focus on growing Sandler’s business and nurturing their existing clients.

“Proposify has given me more time to focus on our other business goals, as well as put the focus back on our students. I know I have more time to do that, because I don’t have to spend so much time on the contracts anymore.”
Sandler team members

For Daniela, Proposify is now the only way to go when it comes to sending proposals.

“I’m not going back to Excel’s old fashioned ways, and I won’t be doing any proposals outside of Proposify now that I can create a contract in five minutes or less. From the beginning to when I hit send; it’s a lot faster and easier now that we’ve moved to the 21st century.”
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