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This recruitment software company doubled its client base using Proposify.

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Sean Fahey
CEO & Founder of VidCruiter

Sean Fahey, Founder and CEO of VidCruiter, experienced the pain of traditional recruitment firsthand and knew there was a significant need for improvement.

Using video interviewing software and automation to streamline recruitment while enhancing the quality of applicants, VidCruiter was born.

As an enterprise software company with employees all over the world, six different products, and a team of salespeople sending up to 100 proposals a month, Sean recognized that consistent messaging was needed, and disorganized Word Documents weren’t going to cut it for proposals anymore.

“We used to do everything in Word Documents and that was a mess. Once we switched to Proposify, we were able to get the templates streamlined with all of our content in one central location.”
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With an organized process in place, Sean saw a drastic improvement in the quality of VidCruiter’s proposals. As a result, VidCruiter remains competitive against larger companies with bigger budgets.

“Our competitors in the industry were sending out better quality proposals, and now we’re at the same standard as anyone else. We compete against companies that have hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, so it just puts us at the same calibre as any big player in the market.”

In addition to saving VidCruiter’s sales reps more than 100 hours a month, Proposify’s simple automation and digital signature tool allow their clients to move more easily through the sales process and close the deal that much faster.

“Our clients are really impressed. They think Proposify is easy to use and they like that everything’s online and that they can access it or share it with other people if they need to. It makes the proposals more professional and effortless for the client.”

When it comes to managing his team, Sean likes that he’s able to monitor the proposals going out and ensure his reps are on track for success, as well as using marketing-approved messaging.

“We can track how many proposals people are sending, and I can spot check Proposify at any time to see what the pipeline is looking like and what are the hotter leads, instead of just looking at Salesforce or other tools that we use. It gives me a better insight into the sales team and what they’re doing. We have control over what they’re sending out and we no longer have to worry about messaging consistency, and that’s fantastic from both a marketing and management point of view.”
Vidcruiter team members

VidCruiter isn’t slowing down in any way, and Proposify is a solution that Sean credits as a contributor to his company’s previous and ongoing success. And after three years of using Proposify, Sean is happy to say that the disorganized Word Documents are nothing but a distant memory now.

“We started implementing more and more software tools to help us with efficiency, and Proposify is one that the sales team implemented. It’s not only dramatically saved them time, but also improved the professionalism of the team. Using Proposify has optimized our productivity and enabled us to double our client base while maintaining the same size team.”
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