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Proposify + Pipedrive Integration

Generate Projects From Accepted Proposals, and More
Import contacts, attach proposals to deals, export won proposals as PDFs, and close deals — faster.

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This integration is free for customers of both Proposify and Pipedrive, on the Grande and Venti plans

Connect Proposify + Pipedrive to streamline your sales

  • Import all your contacts from Pipedrive into Proposify.
  • Specify what deal stage to place deals in when your proposal is created and sent.
  • Link a new proposal with an existing deal in Pipedrive.
  • If your proposal is assigned to a team member, we'll assign the same person in Pipedrive.
  • As activity happens on your proposal (views, comments, emails) we'll add them as notes to your deal.
  • When your proposal is accepted and signed, we'll update the deal and upload the proposal PDF to Pipedrive.

What is Proposify?

Proposify is online proposal software that makes it easier for service businesses to create well-designed proposals, streamline their sales process, and close deals faster.

Our easy-to-use design editor allows even non-designers to create beautiful, professional-looking proposals.

Our gallery of professionally designed and written business proposal templates for a variety of services helps kick-start your proposal process. All templates are 100% customizable.

Our content library stores proposal content so it can be easily repurposed, making team collaboration easier.

We provide metrics of valuable info like the status of your proposals, whether your client has viewed a proposal and for how long, and when they sign-off.

Our iOS mobile app makes it easy to keep track of your proposals anytime, anywhere.


What is Pipedrive?

More effective than any list In the pipeline view, your deals are displayed by your different sales stages. This clearly shows how your team is doing and helps you focus on the right deals if an extra push is needed.

Quickly zoom in with filters See the sales pipeline for individual team members, specific products and timelines, such as new deals added this week. Perfect for quickly getting to the heart of your questions that come up regularly.

Simply drag and drop Oh, and it's really easy to move deals forward along the pipeline. Just grab the deal with your mouse and drag it into whichever stage you want to.

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