Your brand protection plan.

Meet the proposal software for marketing teams and digital advertising agencies that lets you lock down brand elements and beautiful design and stop sales from wreaking havoc on your reputation. No need to call the brand police, we’ve got you covered.

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Brand power

Grant Sales access to the materials needed to seal the deal, not the freedom to go rogue. You control the design, content, and messaging and keep Sales focused on the close.

Brand Guidelines

All about that brand

Quickly apply your unique style to all of your sales documents with our robust design editor. From font family to typestyle, your brand stays on point and ready to impress.


Stop reinventing the wheel

Create branded, marketing-approved templates that reps can use again and again while still being able to customize for a personalized buyer experience. You build the frame and let sales tailor the finishes.

Content Library

Copy they can count on

Organize pre-approved product descriptions, case studies, fees, sections, images and other proposal content in one central library so everyone can find what they need when they need it. Warning: It may get lonely when reps stop knocking on your door for all their content needs.

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Adam W

“My proposals now look much more professional and as my clients are advertising, PR and design agencies, they are very visual people which has resulted in my conversion rate increasing by 25%.”

Adam W


“It is a beautiful way to present your company - the templates they offer keep it simple to know where and the best way to convey your information. I have a 70% close rate with Proposify and definitely helps me stand out of the crowd as a professional.”

Executive Sponsor


Susan W

“Beautiful looking proposals, easy to use templates and libraries, very impressive for clients and it looks great when printed out too.”

Susan W

Design that’s flexible and fun

The way it should be. Easily build beautiful designs and creative proposal pieces with our robust design editor. Play with layouts and keep it all in line with smart grids.


Add depth to your design

Step up your style and bring your design elements to life with layering. Use elements like shapes, lines, and images to pack a powerful punch.


Keep it consistent

Save time by locking down elements that show up in multiple locations in your proposal design. And don't worry about them getting out of line. Our editor makes sure they hold their ground - and your confidence.


Format that fits

From presentation to proposal, select the style (landscape or portrait) that suits the deal. You have the option to lay it out the way that highlights the document’s best assets.

design proposals with layers repeating elements in a proposal layout proposals in landscape or portrait

SaaS companies see a 41% higher close rate when they include videos in their proposals.


Adding images to your proposal improves the close rate by 23%.


Proposals sent through Proposify enjoy an 82% open rate.

Leave a lasting impression

After you’ve locked down your brand and created a beautiful baseline for the sales team, count on these features to add the finishing touch.


Design elevated

Bring your proposals to life with videos. Easily embed these visual powerhouses in your documents and leave them to pack a punch. No size limits and no slowing you down. Time to get YouTube famous.


Docs on tone and typo-free

Not everyone on your team may be a writer, but our Grammarly integration will certainly help it look that way. Flagging errors, tone, and style, this app partners with Proposify to keep your reps pitch-perfect.


Professional photos at your fingertips

Stop the endless search for the perfect image or drawing short straws for your next staff model. Quickly browse the extensive library of free fully-licensed photos right within Proposify.

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