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Proposify is the perfect match to streamline your deal design and will bring efficiency and automation to the relationship. Once introduced, feel free to update your status to smooth operator.

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Optimize each stage of your sales process

Save time by eliminating manual data entry, only granting access to who and what is needed to seal the deal, and making it easy for teams to get internal sign off and the external commitment.


Focus is your friend

Keeping teams in their lane doesn’t mean keeping them in silos. Set up customized workspaces by team, market, or product to ensure users are honed in on the right members and materials to move the deal forward as quickly as possible.


Stack your tech stack

Proposify connects with your favorite apps to create a cohesive tech team. From syncing your CRM and project management to expediting the payment process, you’ll be driving deal automation with all your high powered friends.

Content Management

Organized and easy access

Arm your reps with the content they need, when they need it. Keeping case studies, fees, bios, and product descriptions strategically organized in one central library will eliminate the wild goose chase for approved content. Deals will be drafted in a snap.

proposal software workspaces for teams integrate your crm and payments into your proposals keep proposal content in a content library

60% of Proposify proposals are created and sent in under an hour.


50% of winning proposals close within 24 hours or less.


30% of proposals are signed within 11 mins of opening.

Insightful analytics on prospects and their deals

It’s not creepy, it’s caring. Knowing how prospects are viewing and interacting with your document allows you to make strategic shifts in how you present and propose deals to give them exactly what they're looking for.


Understand the interactions

See exactly how prospects are engaging with your sales documents so you can keep them relevant. You’ll know when the deal was opened, how long sections are being viewed, and when reps should make the next move with advanced insights.


Make your move

With instant updates, reps will know when to send that friendly follow-up or make the perfect pounce which could mean the difference between a quick close or a dead deal. Proposify delivers the deal-making insights that matter most to reps. Track views, completed payments, sign-offs, and more.


Keep the lines open

When prospects have questions they want answers fast, so be available and ready to react with our live chat integration. It’s an easy way to interact right within the proposal and keep the conversation moving closer to the close.

use metrics to see how prospects view sales docs mobile proposal notification of payment and sign-off answer prospect proposal questions over chat


Olivier Kennedy

“Making an offer before took 2 days with 6 hours of internal work. Today it’s done in 30 minutes. [We] Love it!”

Olivier Kennedy, CEO & Founder of award-winning Communication & Branding Agency, Enigma


“Proposify helped me streamline my process for kicking out really great looking proposals. The absolute best part of the whole tool is how it allows each party to e-sign the contract right inside the program. Really handy and beats the pants off asking someone to print, sign, scan, and send back.”

Josh O


“Last year, our contract lifecycle, from inception to closed won, was about 78 days on average. Thus far in 2020 it’s been reduced to about 35 days and Proposify has been very helpful in accomplishing that goal. Having teams being able to work concurrently on projects and seamlessly pass review back and forth has improved efficiency greatly on our team.”

Scorr Marketing
(Digital Marketing, 51-200 employees)

Building a savvy sales model

Proposify brings predictability and consistency to your process. Making it repetitive doesn’t make it boring. Set the direction, define roles, and rely on automation to keep reps focused and make onboarding a breeze.


Select. Send. Win. Repeat

Set up the structure and make it easy for reps to recreate and reuse pre-approved content and design so contracts are consistent and consistently repeatable. Reps can re-use templates to get agreements, quotes, and other standard sales documents out in just a few clicks.


Proposal peace of mind

Protect your deals and the details. Stop documents from going out with costly mistakes by setting up the proper permissions and user roles to maintain control. When reps only have access to what is needed, they can design deals faster and the room for (costly) error is drastically reduced.


Productivity beyond proposals

Crank your workflow into automation overdrive by organizing and streamlining deals based on how they are uniquely managed by your team. Set approval permissions so you can rest easy that deals won’t hit the client’s inbox without proper sign-off. The automated notifications and live activity feed will help hold everyone accountable.

reuse proposal templates proposal roles and permissions set proposal approvals and permissions
proposal software for operations team background

Add some rocket fuel to your sales cycle

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