Conquer your closing game.

Discover the proposal software that modern sales teams use to take control of the closing process and track every opportunity from proposal to closed/won.

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Precise Control = Consistent Closes

Proposify helps you eliminate costly mistakes by organizing content, pricing info, and proposal templates in one place. Reps can snap together proposals quickly, and sales leaders can be confident they’re sending approved, up-to-date information.

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Unmatched Visibility, Invaluable Insight

Keep track of your deals through the bottom of the funnel, all the way to closed/won. Proposify unlocks the black box of what happens with your deals after a proposal is sent.

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Scalable, Repeatable, Predictable

Hypergrowth only happens when there’s a clear blueprint for success. Proposify helps you build a repeatable, scalable closing process that every rep can run.

Take control of your closing process.

Understand exactly what your reps are delivering to prospects without taking away the autonomy and flexibility they need to get the job done.


Select. Send. Win. Repeat.

Control your content by laying the foundation for your closing docs and letting your sales reps take it from there. Templates take the leg work out of creating proposals by making it easy for reps to recreate and reuse pre-approved content and design, while giving them enough flexibility to customize their deals to the opportunity. Say hello to contracts that are consistent and consistently repeatable.


Proposal peace of mind

Protect your deals and the details. Stop documents from going out with costly mistakes by setting up the proper permissions and user roles to maintain control. When reps only have access to what is needed, they can design deals faster and the room for (costly) error is drastically reduced.


Fast-track internal reviews

Stop slowing reps down with the bottleneck of internal sign-offs. Set up your approval workflow and let Proposify hold the team accountable with notifications and reminders to keep the process moving and get that deal out the door faster.

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How do your proposals stack up?

Discover the latest data-driven tactics, trends, and best practices behind winning proposals that’ll help you beat the competition.

1 hr

64% of Proposify proposals are created and sent in less than an hour.

+ 31%

The number of business proposals that include video increased 31% in 2020.


Using Proposify’s built-in eSignatures can increase close rates by 465% (proposals also close 66% faster)

Ready to make every deal a closed deal?

Get started with a free Proposify 14-day trial. No credit card required. Just more closed deals.

Track every deal, even after your proposal is sent.

Understand exactly what your reps are delivering to prospects without taking away the autonomy and flexibility they need to get the job done.


Your closing crystal ball

Get insights into how prospects are interacting with your proposals and find out what could be costing you a quicker close. Discover how long they are spending on each section and be ready to make the next move when they are.


Get the 30,000 ft view

Understanding how your prospects interact with proposals is key, but sometimes it’s only half of the picture. Get a view of the entire pipeline, so you know where each of your rep’s deals stand at a glance.


Make your move

With instant updates, reps will know when to send that friendly follow-up or make the perfect pounce which could mean the difference between a quick close or a dead deal. Track views, completed payments, sign-offs, and more – Proposify delivers the deal-making insights that matter most to reps.

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Carly Connor

“Fantastic! Great platform, really user-friendly, and the customer support is fantastic!”

Carly Connor
Campaign Manager, Bang Digital


Olivier Kennedy

“Making an offer before took 2 days with 6 hours of internal work. Today it’s done in 30 minutes. [We] Love it!”

Olivier Kennedy, CEO & Founder of award-winning Communication & Branding Agency, Enigma


“Proposify helped me streamline my process for kicking out really great looking proposals. The absolute best part of the whole tool is how it allows each party to e-sign the contract right inside the program. Really handy and beats the pants off asking someone to print, sign, scan, and send back.”

Josh O

Predictable, repeatable closing process = hypergrowth.

A killer closing process is no good in a silo. Proposify enables sales leaders to build a predictable closing system that scales across the entire team, measure what’s working, improve what’s not, and ramp-up new hires faster.


Grow with Proposify

Our team of proposal experts will get you set up for success, fast – helping onboarding your reps, setting up integrations, and optimizing documents and processes for Proposify. They’ve trained thousands of sales pros on elevating their closing process and getting the most out of Proposify, one closed/won deal at a time.


Sync your CRM

No need to add more pages to the playbook. Proposify works with top players like Salesforce and HubSpot to sync deal and opportunity info, keeping your CRM the single source of truth.


Focus is your friend

Keeping teams in their lane doesn’t mean keeping them in silos. Set up customized workspaces by team, market, or product to ensure users are honed in on the right members and materials to move the deal forward as quickly as possible.

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Ready to make every deal a closed deal?

Get started with a free Proposify 14-day trial. No credit card required. Just more closed deals.