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This is how staffing & recruiting deals are won now.

Discover the leading proposal software that modern staffing companies use to create, track, and close executive deals while enabling reps to close contingent deals faster with next-level document automation.

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Sales workflows as competitive as your staffing services.

How do you stand out in the ultra-competitive world of staffing and recruitment services? Proposify helps you build a seamless digital sales workflow that empowers your team to close more deals than ever before – and leave the competition in the dust.

Automate your document workflows.

Sales reps should be spending their time building relationships with clients and filling their search pipeline – not wasting their day creating customized client documents from scratch.

With Proposify, snapping together professional-quality, on-brand custom documents is simple.

Organize all your pre-approved sales content in one central location so your team can find what they need, when they need it. Use roles & permissions to take control of your document process and ensure your reps are sending only approved documents.

No more bottlenecks. Just more won deals.

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Secure more executive searches with irresistible proposals.

For larger deals, such as executive searches, a high-quality proposal is key.

Proposify helps you create gorgeous proposal documents in a simple, easy-to-use editor. Brand your proposals with custom logos, colors, and other identifying elements and effortlessly apply these designs to all your future contract documents.

Need some design inspiration? Use our free customizable proposal templates or have our professional services team design something just for you!

Make that first impression count.

Make your Sales workflows stand out from the rest.

In the competitive staffing industry, every advantage counts. Luckily, Proposify is full of advantages.

From e-signatures to interactive pricing, automatic notifications, deal snapshots & metrics, and CRM integrations, Proposify enhances your Sales workflows to help give you that competitive edge.

Team leaders can track their team’s proposals, monitor overall deal activity, and create accurate reports and forecasts.

Reps can track when a client opens their proposals and how long they spend looking at each section – then plan their follow-ups accordingly.

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Staffing, recruiting, & HR proposal templates to get your searches off the ground

Get a beautifully designed executive proposal in the hands of clients faster than the competition by using one of our free, professionally written and designed staffing proposal templates.

Each template is 100% customizable for your company's brand and search requirements.


Put the numbers on your side. Staffing and recruitment companies who use Proposify close more deals than their competitors.

24 hr

51% of staffing & recruitment proposals sent through Proposify are won within 24 hours of opening.


The close rate for staffing & recruitment proposals sent through Proposify is about 120% higher than the standard (i.e. non-Proposify) close rate.


Proposals with electronic signatures close 96% faster.

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Want to nail your next staffing proposal?

Discover what more than 1 million proposals can teach you about getting ahead of the competition.

These staffing & recruiting companies are celebrating success (and more deals!) with Proposify.

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“We started implementing more and more software tools to help us with efficiency, and Proposify is one that the sales team implemented. It’s not only dramatically saved them time, but also improved the professionalism of the team. Using Proposify has optimized our productivity and enabled us to double our client base while maintaining the same size team.”

Sean Fahey
CEO & Founder of VidCruiter

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