State of Proposals 2021 - What 2.6 Million Sales Documents Can Teach You About Beating The Competition


This is how staffing & recruiting contracts are won now.

Discover the proposal software that modern staffing and recruitment companies use to create, track, and close compelling recruitment contracts that dominate the competition.

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Proposals as competitive and efficient as your services.

How do you stand out in the ultra-competitive world of staffing and recruitment? Your bidding process needs to reflect the speed, efficiency, and unrivalled attention to detail of your recruitment services. Proposify helps you build a seamless digital proposal process that empowers your team to win more bids than ever before – and leave the competition in the dust while they’re at it.

Bring the speed and efficiency of your services to your bidding process.

Creating impressive, on-brand proposals doesn’t need to take hours or—*gulp*—days.

With Proposify, snapping together a proposal takes minutes.

Organize all your pre-approved sales content in one central location so your team can find what they need, when they need it. Create proposal templates (or use one of ours) that your team can use again and again while still being able to customize for a personalized client experience.

No more bottlenecks. Just more won bids.

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Elevate your brand image and ensure brand consistency.

In the world of business, appearances are important; a client is more likely to sign a well-designed, visually-pleasing contract than something uninspired and bland.

Branding and design matter. If you don't capitalize on proposal design, then your competitors certainly will.

Luckily, Proposify makes it easy to create beautiful, eye-catching bid documents.

Brand your proposals with your own logo, colors, and other identifying elements and effortlessly apply these designs to all your future bid documents.

Make that first impression count.

Track proposals in real-time with powerful insights.

Not knowing how a potential client is interacting with a proposal isn’t only frustrating, it can cost you business.

Proposify delivers the deal-making insights your team needs to nail their follow-up and close the deal.

Your team can track when a client opens their proposals and how long they spend looking at each section – then plan your follow-ups accordingly.

Team leaders can break down business metrics to keep track of their team’s proposals, monitor overall deal activity, and create accurate reports and forecasts.

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Put the numbers on your side. Staffing and recruitment companies who use Proposify close more deals than their competitors.

24 hr

51% of staffing & recruitment proposals sent through Proposify are won within 24 hours of opening.


The close rate for staffing & recruitment proposals sent through Proposify is about 120% higher than the standard (i.e. non-Proposify) close rate.


Proposals with electronic signatures close 96% faster.

These staffing & recruiting companies are celebrating success (and more deals!) with Proposify.

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“We started implementing more and more software tools to help us with efficiency, and Proposify is one that the sales team implemented. It’s not only dramatically saved them time, but also improved the professionalism of the team. Using Proposify has optimized our productivity and enabled us to double our client base while maintaining the same size team.”

Sean Fahey
CEO & Founder of VidCruiter

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