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State of Proposals 2019

What 1.6 Million Sales Documents Can Teach You About Beating The Competition

What goes into the perfect proposal? Why do some close instantly, while others fall completely flat? And how are your competitors beating you to the punch Every. Single. Time?

The answers to these questions were once closely guarded business secrets. Until now.

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As the leading online business proposal software, we dug into our database of 1.6 MILLION proposals to tease out all the juicy trends, hidden tips, and best practices of the most kick-ass (and kick-your-competition-to-the-curb) proposals.

We discovered:

  • How long it takes the average winning proposal to close
  • How many pages and sections are in the average winning proposal
  • How images, e-signatures, client input forms, and other features affect close rates

And so much more.

Want actionable advice to make your next proposal perfect? This report shows you how.


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