State of Proposals 2020

Updated Edition: Proposals in the Time of a Pandemic

First, we showed you what more than 2 million sales documents can teach you about beating the competition.

Now, for the updated edition, we jump back into our database to identify how high-performing sales teams are adapting to this new normal and finding ways to win.

Here’s what we found.

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As the leading online proposal software, we dug into our database of over 2 MILLION sales documents to tease out all the juicy trends, hidden tips, and best practices of the most kick-ass (and kick-your-competition-to-the-curb) proposals, quotes, and agreements.

We discovered:

  • The ideal creation and delivery timeline
  • How the average winning proposal is structured
  • How images, e-signatures, client input forms, and other features affect close rates

Plus: We break down how the state of proposals is changing and what you can do to set your team up for success and make informed decisions in this dynamic landscape.

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