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Untangle your sales document process with the leading proposal software.

Proposify proposal software helps growing teams remove document bottlenecks, and get visibility into the most important stage of your sales cycle: the close.

Trusted by over 8,000 B2B services in over 50 countries

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If any of this sounds
familiar, you need
Proposify proposal

Word, Powerpoint, and Excel just aren't cutting it anymore.
Proposals take too long to get out to prospects. Too much duplication of effort, finding-replacing.
Everyone is using their own tools and process to send proposals.
You have no visibility into what's going on with our PDF proposals.
Did the prospects even read them?
Reps are sending out proposals with mistakes, typos, incorrect pricing, and terms.
Reps are hacking together ugly docs that don't reflect the brand.

If any of this sounds
familiar, you need
Proposify proposal

What prospects sign off on doesn't get accurately reflected in the CRM.

Give your team back their time, lose the friction, and send
out winning documents that close 2x the industry

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Never send a proposal with mistakes again

Lock down your design and content with templates, snippets, and a central library of content, fees and images.

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Free your reps from search, duplicate, find-and-replace

Proposify offers a simple, streamlined workflow using pre-approved content which allows your reps to send out winning proposals with just few clicks.

Get visibility and insights that lead to more closed deals

Know where proposals stands at each stage of the sales cycle, and if they’ve been viewed by prospects. You can even see which pages you prospects viewed and for how long!

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Impress prospects and stand out from the competition

No more PDFs attached to emails. Deliver a modern proposal viewing experience for clients with interactive pricing, e-signatures, and videos that get them to say "wow".

Our world-class customer team make it painless to switch

We'll re-create your PDF for you or even design an optimized proposal template from scratch! Our top-rated customer success team has a proven system that gets your team up-and-running in weeks. Our custom templates have helped customers cut down their time-to-send by 37%.

Proposify employees
Joseph Barnes

Joseph Barnes

Director of marketing at yellowstone landscape

“I wish I had known earlier how limiting our previous processes were - that Word documents were handcuffing us... [Proposify] is the best tool that we've rolled out to the sales team.”

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Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan

Director of Marketing at 360clean

“Knowing I could set up all the pre-approved content and templates for owners meant we were back in control of the brand and franchisees were set up for success.”

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Erich Berger

Erich Berger

Senior Manager, Business Development & Strategy at ADT Cybersecurity

“Just having Proposify allows our reps to feel like they're more in control, more productive, and more optimistic about the process and that feels good.”

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Proposify proposal software removes the bottle-neck and
the black box so your team can grow and thrive

  • Centralized content repository so reps know exactly where to go for pre-approved templates
  • Advanced permissions allow you to lock down sections and require approval based on certain conditions like deal size
  • Sync with your CRM, like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and more
  • Our professional onboarding services team will help you get up-and-running in weeks
  • Companion mobile-app allows you to approve deals on the go and get notified of client viewing activity
  • See which stage every proposal is at with the pipeline, and what's been viewed
  • Set automatic follow-up reminders to trigger your prospects to open the proposal
  • Our easy-to-use design editor makes customizing proposals a snap
  • Let prospects upsell themselves with interactive pricing