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8 Things Almost Everyone Gets Wrong About B2B Online Customer Reviews

“Oh, that company? I used their product a year ago. It was…” If you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for the payoff of that last sentence, you’re not alone. Customer reviews are one of the most popular ways for prospects to gain insight about what it’s like to work with your business. But how can you make sure your reviews are working in your favour—even negative ones? Here are eight common mistakes sales organizations make with online reviews and how you can turn them into the star of your sales process.

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Unlimited Vacation Policies Don’t Work. Here’s What to Do Instead

People don’t take enough vacation time. Salespeople want unlimited vacation, but that type of policy doesn’t work either. How can you encourage a good amount of rest and relaxation for your busy, goal-driven sales team? Here’s what we learned from implementing and then scrapping an unlimited vacation policy here at Proposify and how you can create a sales team culture that respects the value of a little R&R.

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Why You Need a Faster Time to Value

You’ve landed the client, and they’ve paid you in full, so they must understand the value you provide, right? Time to value (TtV) can vary from client, to product, to service, to project. Tracking it can help you better understand your sales cycle when your customers will see ROI, and help you forecast any changes you need to make. If you want to make sure your customers are happy, see your value, and stay on-board, you need to start tracking your TtV.

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