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Top Priorities for the Savvy Sales Leader

Top Priorities for the Savvy Sales Leader in 2022

The last couple years have had a major impact on the world of B2B sales. Between remote selling, virtual conferences, new hiring practices, and everything else, there have been some serious changes that are expected to stick around for years to come. As the new year unfolds, every forward-thinking sales leader should be thinking about their priorities for 2022 and beyond.

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The 4 Types of Sales Objections and How To Overcome Them

The 4 Types of Sales Objections and How To Overcome Them

Picture this: You’ve connected with a potential customer that sounds like they would be a great fit for your product. You know that your product can solve their pain points and deliver an amazing ROI, but when it comes time to move the deal forward, they are quick to say no.

You’ve just run into a sales objection.

Sales objections can be frustrating, but they’re almost always a part of the sales process, so if you want to close more deals, you’re going to want to learn what they are and how to overcome them.

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Does Outsourcing Part of the Sales Process Actually Work

Does Outsourcing Part of the Sales Process Actually Work?

New year, new challenges.

Whether your company has ambitious revenue targets, sky-high sales expectations, or grandiose growth goals, the pressure is on. As a sales leader, you want to ensure your sales organization is running on all cylinders right out of the gate. But with limited internal resources, you might be wondering how to ramp up your output. Could outsourcing be the answer?

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How to win your next landscaping contract

How to Win Your Next Landscaping Contract

Between the long hours, demanding clients, and meticulous attention to detail, the landscaping business is tough. But before any of the work can even begin, landscaping companies are faced with an even bigger task: getting their prospect on board and securing the landscaping contract. If they want to gain an edge over the many other companies competing for their share of business, they need to find a way to set themselves apart. Here’s how.

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Free tools budget sales tech stack

11 Free Tools to Build Your Sales Tech Stack on a Budget

Whether your team is back in the office, working from home, or some combination of the two, keeping your sales ops running smoothly can be tough with so many moving parts. But fortunately, you’re not alone. With the right tools, you can streamline each aspect of your process and set your reps up for success. The best part? You don’t need to break the bank. Here are some of the best free sales tools to build your sales tech stack on a budget.

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B2B Sales Trends 2021

Year in Review: B2B Sales Trends 2021

Being successful in sales requires flexibility. Without a willingness to adapt to new trends, changing customer preferences, and growing markets, you’re bound to fall behind your competition. With new products and processes popping up every other week, change isn’t just welcomed in sales, it’s expected. But even the best prepared reps weren’t ready for the changes we saw in 2021.

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How to Ask For the Sale

How to Ask For the Sale

You've put in the work, you know your solution is a good fit for your prospect, and you’re eager to get the project off the ground. But before you can sign, seal, and deliver the deal, one final obstacle stands in the way: the dreaded closing conversation where you ask for the sale. In this post, I’ll walk through the 10 top takeaways from my conversation with sales legend and master closer, John Barrows.

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hidden benefits of automation

The Hidden Benefits of Proposal Automation [Infographic]

When it comes to proposals, it’s no secret that automation is the way of the future. Why spend time putting together docs manually when you can automate the process to skip the hassle, reduce room for error, and get proposals out the door sooner? In this post, we make the infographic argument that proposal automation is the only way to go if you and your team are serious about sending impressive proposals that get deals done—without the agonizing admin.

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