NEW FEATURE ALERT! Close Deals Faster With Client Input Forms

Add customizable forms to your proposals and finally break free from time-consuming follow-ups. Now, clients can enter their own details directly into their Proposify proposal.

proposify client input forms

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You nailed your proposal, blew your client away, and got everything signed without a hitch. Congratulations, you closed the deal! Now, it’s time for the fun part… THE ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS.

I know. At this point you should be stretched out, with your feet on your desk, basking in the satisfying pop! fizz of some bubbly. Instead, you’re stuck pestering your client for their PO numbers, shipping address, phone numbers, and a bunch of other details.

Proposify’s latest update changes all of that.

Thanks to our new client input forms, you can now collect the exact details you need from clients, right as you close the deal.

These powerful custom text fields let clients enter their own information into their proposal, so you can get your deal moving as soon as it’s closed, and move on to chasing down your next big win.

Free your time with forms

Client input forms let clients type in almost anything, making them perfect for leaving feedback, entering project start dates, or providing any other vital deal details.

They’re also ideal for collecting all that extra information you need for your deal to move forward—things like preferred project start dates, additional contacts and their titles, product numbers, and more.

You can place them anywhere in your proposal, and make completing them either optional or mandatory. That means you’re always confident you’ll get your proposal back with the exact details you need.

Getting started

You can add client input form fields to your next proposal in as little as 60 seconds.

To get started, head to the signatures menu in your proposal editor and drag the “input form” button into your proposal.

From there, it’s as simple as using the sidebar to type the question your client will see, assigning a signee to the form, and setting it to optional or mandatory.

The process is even easier for your clients.

Forms show up on your finished proposal the same way signatures do. When your client opens their proposal they’ll see a tab pointing to all the places they need to sign or enter information.

One click jumps them to the exact place their action is needed, and helpful prompts make the rest intuitive. It’s all designed to whisk them through as quickly and clearly as possible, so there’s no friction on the way to sign-off.

No more back-and-forth

Client input forms free you from the frustrating back-and-forth that devours your time and chokes up your sales process. Now, you and your client can get down to business as soon as the deal is done.

Learn more about this powerful new tool by checking out our knowledge base. Or, find out how client input forms can revolutionize your sales process by adding them to your plan. Forms are available on select Proposify plans, so get in touch with one of our sales representatives today to discuss pricing.

NEW FEATURE ALERT! Close Deals Faster With Client Input Forms

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