Announcing the Coolest New Way to Connect to Fellow Closers

Hello, closers. My name is Nick Brown and I'm a Customer Success Manager here at Proposify. I’m also an ideas guy and do I have a big idea to share with you. Before I do, let me tell you how it came to be.

the closers circle

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My career started in a few very traditional environments. These were the type of places that held strong to the mindset of “we’ve always done it this way” or “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I quickly realized that I couldn’t see myself working in this type of setting for the rest of my life.

Then, I found Proposify. I found a company that’s not only open to ideas but disappointed if you don’t have them. Innovation and “building the plane while flying it” are literally built into our core values. It’s a mindset I hadn’t ever experienced before in a professional setting and from day one, I was ready to let my right brain call the shots. I’ve had hundreds of ideas since I started working here, but I was still waiting on THE idea...

Fast forward about 18 months. In my role as a Customer Success Manager, I have the pleasure of collaborating with customers, building connections, but most importantly, learning the ins and outs of dozens of unique sales processes. I had this wealth of knowledge, all provided to me through our wonderful Proposify users. That’s when it hit me.

THE idea!

I’m equally proud and excited to announce the official launch of The Closer’s Circle, an online community made up exclusively of Proposify users dedicated to learning and teaching other Proposify users how to make every deal a closed deal.

We have AMAZING users. In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve learned so much about the sales process, different industry workflows, how companies were founded, and what it takes to run a successful business. ALL from our customers.

This is knowledge that shouldn’t be reserved for our internal team at Proposify. Every single one of our users, ranging from solopreneurs to enterprise companies, stands to benefit from the knowledge and experience others have accumulated over the years. The Closer’s Circle will serve as a centralized location for all of these thoughts, tips, tricks, best practices, and win stories.

You can now access real people solving real problems using the same software as you!

What does it look like?

As a budding community, YOU are in control of how it will evolve. With spaces dedicated to workflows, design, pricing, selling, and writing, you’ll be surrounded by thought leaders who can help you find the path of least resistance when it comes to closing. You’ll have the opportunities to build relationships, contribute content, and host events. This isn’t a tech support community - it’s a closing support community.

I don’t pretend to be a mind-reader, but at this point, you’re probably asking “Okay, Nick. Why me? Why should I be here?”

We’ve structured our entire mission at Proposify around making every deal a closed deal. By choosing to be a Proposify user, chances are, you feel the same way. If you’re reading this and you’re not a Proposify user, my guess is you’re either my mom, or you’re someone who is curious about being a better closer. Well, there’s no time like the present (same for you, mom!).

The side bar menu for The Closer's Circle network

How to get involved!

Not only do you have the option to sign up for a 14-day trial Proposify account, but you also have a WEALTH of experienced user’s knowledge now available to you in The Closer’s Circle.

Mind reading again, you’re probably thinking to yourself “Okay, Nick. You’re clearly the world’s best salesman, I’m sold. How do I get in?”

First off, thanks so much, but the world’s best salesman was Michael Gary Scott.

Second, it’s SO easy. The only requirement is you need to be a current Proposify user. This community is exclusive to Proposify. Once again, to sign up for Proposify is totally free and gives you access to not only the amazing platform but also to The Closer’s Circle.

You can sign up here!

Once you’re in, your exclusive invitation and log-in can be found within our resources section of the app.

You’ll automatically be a member of our core spaces, but feel free to explore the community, read the guidelines, join some of the more “fun” spaces, and introduce yourself! Everyone wants to know who you are, why you’re there, and what makes you, you!

See you in the circle!

Announcing the Coolest New Way to Connect to Fellow Closers

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