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Graphic depicting two people figuring out the 'puzzle' of sales objection handling

How to Handle Any Sales Objection [+20 Common Objections]

Objections. They’re everywhere.

If you’re in sales, you hear them every day.

Some objections are easy to handle (you just answer a question).

And some of them feel insurmountable—those hard no’s, hang ups, and don’t contact me agains.

There’s a lot at stake with how you choose to respond to these challenges. Your attitude to handling sales objections can mean the difference between overshooting your quota…and falling very short.

Whether you’re new to sales or are experienced but looking for a fresh perspective, we’ve got you covered.

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Smart Sales Discovery Questions

30 Smart Sales Discovery Questions [+ The Ideal Call Structure]

The goal of a discovery call isn't to get the person on the other end of the line to say “yes” to working with you.

The goal is to accurately diagnose their problem and present the next best step for them to take.

To do that, you need to ask the right sales discovery questions.

But what do you ask? And when?

We’ve got all of the questions you need, plus tips on how to structure your discovery sessions.

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Does Outsourcing Part of the Sales Process Actually Work

Does Outsourcing Part of the Sales Process Actually Work?

New year, new challenges.

Whether your company has ambitious revenue targets, sky-high sales expectations, or grandiose growth goals, the pressure is on. As a sales leader, you want to ensure your sales organization is running on all cylinders right out of the gate. But with limited internal resources, you might be wondering how to ramp up your output. Could outsourcing be the answer?

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the exact lead qualification process we use at proposify

The Exact Lead Qualification Process We Use at Proposify

Qualifying leads is a critical step in any company’s sales process for both the sales team and the prospective client. Without it, your reps could be wasting valuable time on demos for ill-fitting leads who either won’t buy or who inevitably churn after a few months. I’m going to take you through our exact qualification process we employ at Proposify to identify best-fit leads who deserves a demo.
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saas subscription monthly vs. annual

Buying a SaaS Subscription: Should You Go Monthly or Annual?

So, you’re looking to add a new piece of software your sales team’s tech stack. Great! You bring up your chosen SaaS company’s website, click on over to the pricing page, check out the details on their monthly subscription option, and… hold up. It’d be a mistake to rule out buying an annual plan just yet.
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demos that convert

Steal This TV Show Trick to Design Sales Demos That Convert

If you want your sales team’s product demos to be a must-see for prospects, look no further than your television. Yes, I’m serious—the telly, the boob tube, the idiot box, the small screen, your streaming device. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the inspiration your demos need to tell your product’s story, make your prospects the hero, and close more deals.
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