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Electronic Signatures: 4 Ways to Get Your Contracts and Docs Signed

Electronic Signatures: 4 Ways to Get Your Contracts and Docs Signed

Printing, signing, scanning, and sending back your proposals was a pain.

But, if we’re being honest, eSignatures can feel like a pain sometimes, too.

In this article, we aim to explore step-by-step how to get electronic signatures on your documents with a handful of main tools. No matter if you’re using Microsoft Word, a PDF, Google Docs, or Proposify proposal software, this article covers how to implement an electronic signature on each.

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How to write a business proposal

How To Write A Proposal: Data-backed Best Practices For 2022

Business proposals are sometimes perceived as a necessary evil in sales. Whether you're writing a proposal for a huge new contract or simply pitching to a potential lead, writing sales proposals can be daunting.

After all: with how hard you've worked to get the potential customer to this part of the process, a lot rides on your ability to get them to cross the finish line.

What if we told you that writing a smart, data informed business proposal could be the highlight of your sales process that also helps you to close more deals and increase revenue?

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prospecting techniques to find great leads

5 Sales Prospecting Techniques to Find Better Leads

In sales, there's only one thing that matters: closing.

Everything you do revolves around that goal – from the first point of contact to the handoff to customer support, your role as a sales rep is to connect with potential customers and convert them into clients.

But in order to seal the deal, you need deals to seal. In other words, you need a pipeline full of leads. And in order to achieve that, you’ll need to deploy your best sales prospecting techniques.

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How to win your next landscaping contract

How to Win Your Next Landscaping Contract

Between the long hours, demanding clients, and meticulous attention to detail, the landscaping business is tough. But before any of the work can even begin, landscaping companies are faced with an even bigger task: getting their prospect on board and securing the landscaping contract. If they want to gain an edge over the many other companies competing for their share of business, they need to find a way to set themselves apart. Here’s how.

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hidden benefits of automation

The Hidden Benefits of Proposal Automation [Infographic]

When it comes to proposals, it’s no secret that automation is the way of the future. Why spend time putting together docs manually when you can automate the process to skip the hassle, reduce room for error, and get proposals out the door sooner? In this post, we make the infographic argument that proposal automation is the only way to go if you and your team are serious about sending impressive proposals that get deals done—without the agonizing admin.

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How To Choose the Best Proposal Software

How To Choose the Best Proposal Software

Business proposals are your reps’ best, and sometimes final, chance to seal the deal. They help prospects see the value in your offering, explain why your solution is the best one, and lay down a clear path towards a successful working relationship. With so much hinging on getting them right, sending proposals manually is no longer sufficient. In 2021, there’s no excuse not to be using proposal software.

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How to track leads from proposals to close and beyond

How To Track Leads From Proposal To Close and Beyond [Infographic]

From software to analytics and beyond, many companies spend significant resources measuring and tracking their top-of-funnel activities. And that’s great, because the top of the funnel is essential for generating quality leads and it only becomes more effective when decisions are backed by data. But it’s not so great when they neglect the bottom of the funnel — you know, the part that’s crucial for generating revenue.

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