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a waste of time and money

How to Solve Your “Proposal Creation Takes Too Much Time” Problem Without Spending Money

Creating proposals can take too long. But does it feel like reimagining the process will take even MORE time (and possibly money)? It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to get to the root of what’s slowing down the most important part of your sales cycle—the close—and fix your proposal creation workflow woes once and for all.
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people surrounding discounted proposal prices

Proposal Pricing: Should You Discount Your Deals?

The number of proposals that include a discount has more than doubled in 2020. But does this proposal pricing strategy actually close deals? In this post, Proposify CMO Patrick is sharing all his new proposal discounting data, including the pandemic’s impact on pricing and some real-life examples of how discounting can derail deals.
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an electronic signature myth

8 of the Most Common Electronic Signature Myths, Busted

Spoiler alert: none of these misconceptions about signing proposals online are correct. But believing them could be hurting your sales team’s close rate. From mobile to multiple signees to free esignature tools, here’s the truth about how electronic signatures work to give your sales team more control and insight into your closing process.
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P blue suit coffee is for closers

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